Sunday, November 28, 2010

the day we leave the world

i just came back from a funeral. one of my relatives passed away this evening, because of heart attack.

to tell you the truth, im not sad. i hardly know him. he was my mum's cousin. and
memang jarang sangat jumpa, even on hari raya. when my mum mentioned his name, i cam.. sape eh? seriously, i cant recall. but i went there anyway, to show respect.

Masa mula-mula sampai, orang tengah mandikan jenazah. and i salam with his mother, his wife. both of them looked so strong eventho their eyes filled with tears but they still managed to smile. Selepas mandikan jenazah, orang tengah kapankan, i was still standing there, behind the curtain. sambil sandar kat dinding. and my mum whispered to me, that was his eldest son, the one who helped alot during that time. then my mum said, that was his daughter, 2nd child. just came back from matrik pahang. i stared at her, she was wearing blue jeans and a shirt with white tudung.

and she was sobbing. i felt sorry for her, it must be hard. i dont know what to do if im at her age. losing a father. After that, tok imam panggil siapa-siapa yang nak jumpa arwah buat kali terakhir. i was still there, at the same spot, they pulled the curtain aside so i can see arwah clearly. and i saw his family one by one came to kiss his forehead. it was a very sad view for me.
after his daughter show her last respect, she came and standing next to me. then my mum introduced me to her, "ni lah anak cik zu" and i kerutkan dahi at my mum. " eeeee, what do u expect me to say to her??" then i looked at her, she was crying and her head was down, she wasnt able to look at anyone right now. so i touch her shoulder and hug her. i dont know why i did that. and she cried even harder T_T
so i said to her, " Abah dah selesai dah tugas dia kat dunia, kita belum lagi, kakak kena kuat lah, kena jaga adik-adik, jaga mak. kena teruskan hidup."
dont ask me why, i called her kakak, i know she is wayy younger than me. maybe to address her as a mature young lady. she nodded and didnt say a word. she was crying and crying, and at one point, she found it so hard to breath. her aunt, said, "tak baik meratapi jenazah"
but i dont blame her. it was her father. who passed away. maybe she got something to say to him but she cant, maybe she thot if there anything she could do, but she couldnt.
we just dont know how it feels, to be in her shoes.
i myself not dare to just think of it.
i dont know what to say to her, i wasnt prepared.
ive been thru this situation before, i lost my uncle two years ago, he died in front of me,
and i never talked about that day, with anyone, even my mum.
i wasnt ready to talk about it. he was my closest uncle and i used to spend my holiday at his house, he was more than an uncle. he was like my second dad.
maybe its time for me to overcome my fear and talk about it.
but not today.

we waited until the funeral ended. selepas jenazah dikebumikan, baru balik.
and to tell you the truth, i cried in the car, all the way back.
i tried to pull myself together but failed. i was sad, because arwah had young children, the youngest is 4 year old. i was sad to see his daughter, the one i told you about, she will be okay, but i dont know when.

and in the car, my dad told us, ada 3 perkara yang perlu disegerakan dalam dunia ni,
1. kalau masuk waktu, segerakan solat.
2. kalau berlaku kematian, segerakan pengebumian.
3. kalau mempunyai anak perempuan yang cukup umur, segerakan perkahwinannya.

and also, kalau berlaku kematian dan kelahiran, diharuskan menziarahi majlis kelahiran dahulu.
sebab kita harus mengalu-alukan kehadiran bayi/ umat islam yang baru datang.

those were the two things i learned tonight.

alfatihah buat arwah and takziah buat ahli keluarga yang lain.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ikan Siakap Sos Mangga Recipe

Bahan-bahan :

Ikan Siakap - diperap dengan bawang putih, halia dan secubit garam.
Salut dengan tepung jagung sebelum goreng.

untuk sos mangga :

Bawang putih dan halia diketuk.
Cili/ Carrot/ Lada Benggala
Sos Cili Thai
Sos ikan
Sos tomato
garam dan serbuk perasa.
mangga - diparut

Mula-mula goreng dulu ikan siakap sehingga garing.

Tumis bawang putih dan halia. kemudian masukkan sos cili thai, sos tomato dan satu sudu sos ikan. masukkan sedikit air. masukkan cili besar/carrot/lada benggala.
Masukkan garam dan serbuk perasa.

Tuang sauce yang sudah dimasak ke atas ikan tadi. dan taburkan mangga yang diparut.

xoxo :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reveal Your Wedding Dream

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am gonna reveal my wedding dream, which i never talked with anyone else before :P

here it is :

1. How old are you?
am sweet 22 :) until 23rd Dec 2010

2. Are you single?
i am taken.

3. At what age do you think you'll get married?
im flexible. bila sampai seru, jalannnn :D

4. Do you think you will be marrying the person you're with now?
i hope so. lets pray for it.

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
Jodoh dan ketentuan di tangan Allah :)

6. Who will be your bride maids/ best man?
ermm, that is tricky, i have a few on my mind but by that time, im not sure if they will be available or not. or maybe, little cousins demanding to be ones.

7. Do you want a garden/beach/ traditional wedding?
Mmmm, maybe a garden wedding, if i have enough money of course :P

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
Any beautiful islands with white sandy beach and dive sites. or even better with floating chalet :)
9. How many guests do you think you will invite?
i will have one private dinner with close families and friends, limitation 50 - 75 guests, and another one with the public.
10. Will that include your 'ex'es?
Big no.
11. How many layer of cakes do you want?
I didnt care much about the cakes' layer. as long as it tasted good, im okay with it.
oh and the decorations must be good too :)

12. When do you want to get married? Morning/ Evening?
Akad nikah should be in the evening.
13. Name the song or tune that you would like to play on your wedding day?
Thats when i love you? can? hehe.
14. Do you prefer fine dining/ fork and spoon?
For private dinner, fine dining.
15. Champagne or Red wine?
16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
Right after the wedding! so i can rest and getaway
from the hectic ceremony.
lagipun still mood pengantin baru kan? :P
17. Money or household items?
Money. so i can choose my own household items. *bridezilla mode*
18. How many kids you would like to have?
Mmm, am not sure. tengok rezeki Allah bagi, i terima.
19. Would you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
Nope, i dun wan hanging around with a handycam in my hand.
20. Whose wedding plan you would like to know next?
i know everyone will be busy with raya preparation. so sapa nak buat, buat je. hehehe boleh x?
xoxo :)

Puding Roti Recipe

Salam semua,
Semalam tak boleh tidur, so i decided to make bread pudding. sebab tu lah photo ada yang terang and ada yang gelap. yang gelap tuh waktu malam lah :)
I buat ni for 3 orang makan je, kalau nak buat banyak. double kan bahan-bahan kat bawah ni.
Bahan-bahan :
1/2 bungkus roti putih/ wholemeal.
2 cawan susu cair/ low fat milk/ full cream milk.
1/2 cawan gula
2 biji telur
esen vanilla.
cinnamon powder/raisin (optional, kalau takde pon xpe)
Cara-cara :
Sapu roti dengan butter, sapu depan and belakang.
Campurkan gula, susu, telur, esen vanilla dalam satu mangkuk besar and blend bagi sebati.

Sapu loyang/mangkuk dengan butter supaya puding tu tak melekat nanti.

Masukkan roti dalam adunan tadi and gaul rata.
kalau ada kismis and cinnamon powder. boleh masukkan time ni.

then tuang adunan dalam mangkuk yang digriskan tadi.
Bakar dalam oven dengan suhu 180C selama 40minit.

Dah masak, keluarkan biar dia sejuk dengan suhu bilik selama 15minit.
Then masukkan dalam fridge, biar beberapa jam.

i tinggal dalam fridge satu malam. saja nak bagi dia sejuk sikit.
dah siap dah! boleh potong and makan. and if suka, boleh buat sos custard makan dengan puding ni.

selamat mencuba.

xoxo :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Itenary in Kota Kinabalu

I planned my holiday well because this is my first time of traveling alone.
so here it is :

28th oct 2010

510pm - Flight from Penang to LCCT
630pm - Arrived at LCCT
945pm - Flight from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu
- Arrived at Kota Kinabalu
.Take a cab to Tunehotel.

29th oct 2010

730am- cab came and picked me to Sutera Marina Jetty.
815am - Arrived at Sutera Marina Jetty, go to Gaya and Sapi Island with Downdivebelow.
.Scuba Diving.
430pm- Back from Gaya and Sapi Island, Bimaz Tour Car Rental sent a car to the jetty.
.Use the car to go back to Tunehotel.
700pm- Dinner at Salut Seafood Restaurant.
.Tour around 1borneo mall which is situated next to the Tunehotel.

30th oct 2010

630am - check out from Tunehotel. Roadtrip to Kota Kinabalu Park, Ranau, Kundasang.
530 pm - Check in Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu. Return the car to Bimaz Tour Car Rental.
645pm - Walk to Filipino Market. Dinner and checking out KK city.
10pm - Return to hotel, packing up.

31st Oct 2010

7ooam - breakfast and check out from Cititel
730am - Cab arrived and picked me up. go to the airport.
925am - Flight to LCCT.
330pm- Flight to Penang.

i planned my itenary one month before the actual date.
then i need to change it again because i need space to study for my final exam.
the original plan was to go to Brunei from kota kinabalu.
maybe next time. eventhough, i did not spend my time to the fullest but
i still enjoyed it to bits. :)

xoxo :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Night in KK City

Salam semua,

Malam last kat KK, i tidur kat Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu hotel. pilih hotel ni sebab location dia, betul-betul tengah city. boleh jalan je pergi mana-mana. Sampai hotel around 530pm, rest mandi-mandi then Bimaz company call, inform nak ambil kereta. lepas bagi kunci kereta terus pergi Filipino Market. Sebab orang cakap ada seafood murah-murah. jalan kaki je from hotel, dekat sangat, around 10minit. tapi agak cuak jugak sebab dah start nak gelap. and tambah tak selesa bila lalu orang mcm pandang-pandang ( ker i je yang perasan :P) tapi memang feeling tak selamat tu ada lah. Sampai kt Filipino Market, ramai sangat orang. terus pergi ikan bakar stall. and pilih-pilih sotong and udang yang fresh. nak makan ikan bakar tapi semua ikan yang besar-besar je. xlarat kot nak habiskan. last-last ambil ikan pari, yang dah potong. even tak suka sangat ikan pari, layan je lah. tu je ikan paling kecil. harga semua lebih kurang rm35.

Memang sedap and fresh. dia bakar dengan sauce special. and makan dengan homemade sambal. sorilah, yours truly lapar sangat. terlupa nak ambil gambar ikan. hehe. style makan dia, meja panjang macam kat kantin sekolah. i was sitting next to this family. terdengar anak dia cakap, "ma, naseb baik kite orang negeri sembilan kan, boleh makan pedas." he was referring to the sambal kot. memang pedas pun sambal dia. tapi sangat kick!
and auntie tuh sempat jugak tanya i, datang bercuti ker. tak rasa sangat macam makan seorang :) then, ikan yang i order lambat sampai, dia macam tanyalah. tadi da order dah kan ikannya? kalut lah tuh diorang ni. ramai org hehe. thank you makcik!
after makan, round kejap Filipino Market tuh. Ada dua site, tempat jual food and tempat jual barang macam gelang kristal, tshirt semua ada. tengok-tengok jugak gelang pearl and kristal tuh, tapi im not in the mood to buy any. lgpon i sangat jarang pakai accessories. so tak beli. the only thing yang i beli, tshirt i love KK. hehe then balik tuh jalan-jalan kejap tengok KK city. sangat lah happening. ingatkan KK biasa-biasa je. dah pukul 8 lebih, takut plak nak balik lambat-lambat sebab kena jalan kan. singgah starbucks and terus balik hotel tapi lalu jalan lain. lalu kg air and singgah tengok food court dia. kat kg air ni, ada beberapa restoran dalam tu, yang jual seafood. i was drooling jugak teringat wet butter prawn semalam tapi tak larat nak makan dah. full sangat. so just jalan-jalan tengok je. staff restaurant ni sangat mesra, dah cakap dah, i dah makan, saja tengok-tengok je, tapi dia still ramah layan and show me around.

ada satu malay restoran juga kat kg air ni tapi kat hujung satu lagi, i just jalan kat satu kedai ni je.

then i saw something in the aquarium, so i asked the staff, "is that catsharks? are you selling them?" the staff tuh cakap yes, it is, siap recommend lagi, catshark ni sedap, sekor berapa ratus tah. what a shame! i was hoping to see one masa diving tapi last-last jumpa dalam aquarium. catsharks are harmless animals. i still dont get the idea why kena makan catsharks. i was abit pissed off at the moment sebab i thought catsharks are protected animals. tapi i google and i found out they are not.
tapi i still pissed off jugak sebab i rasa one shudnt served them on a plate. banyak lagi benda lain boleh makan, nape nak makan catsharks? pffftttt

after that terus balik hotel and kemas-kemas sebab my flight early in the morning. pukul 945am. dah tempah cab siap-siap dengan airasia.go. Pagi ahad, i bangun pukul 6 and mandi-mandi, ingat nak pergi Gaya Street market, yang dibuka tiap-tiap pagi ahad, tapi fikir-fikir, bukan nak beli apa pun and malas nak pergi, takut rushing since flight i awal. pukul 7 turun breakfast dekat lobby hotel. memang kt lobby hotel, betul-betul depan receptionist :) then pukul 730am cab sampai. sangat sharp. and uncle cab sangat baik. actually bukan cab biasa, tapi van 0_0 and i was the only passenger. *mode anak orang kaya*
i thought cab biasa, kereta macam biasa tuhh T_T patut lah mahal. masa on the way pergi aiport, pakcik tuh tanya my activities kat KK, i cakap lah, i datang sebab diving je. then dia cakap if minat dengan pulau, boleh pergi lagi pulau mabul, pulau sipadan, semua lawa-lawa. then dia macam promote Sabah lah. Cerita-cerita pasal tempat menarik, pasal makanan. then tengah cerita syok-syok ni, tiba-tiba dia suddenly stop the van and cakap tunggu sekejap ye. i blank time tu, ingatkan nak ambil passenger lain, rupanya nak cari map semata-mata nak tunjuk tempat-tempat kat sabah T_T gigih betul pakcik!
sampai airport, i turun and said thank you kat uncle tuh, payment dah buat earlier just kena sign je lah. pastu sekali pakcik tuh turun sekali angkat kan bag bawak masuk dalam airport. eh eh. i was abit shocked jugak. tak pernah dilayan macam ni *mode anak orang kaya lagi*
pakcik tuh stop kt travel information booth and ambil a few map bagi i, map yang pasal pulau-pulau and marine park kt Sabah, map attractions kat Sandakan, just in case i nak datang lagi next time. then i ingat sampai situ je. belum lagi rupanya. pakcik tu ankat beg i lagi, bawak masuk and teman i queue nak check in. *mode anak orang kaya menjadi-jadi* eh pakcik, i said its okay, im fine saja. then cakap thank you, nanti i datang again next time, baru lah pakcikt tu balik. sangat komited ok! Sabah people memang sangat friendly and sangat baik :) flight balik ok je. nothing much, transit kat LCCT for two hours then terus balik penang.
i will show you my itenary kat Sabah in the next post.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five years and a half, we finally make it!

Salam semua.

Im so happy today!!! just finished my last paper. Application in Mathematics. it was so tough :(
but i dont care!

eventho the exam is finally over. i still got alot to do. the dinner is tomorrow!!!
am hoping all the hard work is gonna pay off!
im lack of sleep, energy and im hungry, and i got alot to do.
all the girls are busy shopping for the dress and im busy calling the hotel manager.
checking the guest list, inform the vips about tomorrow's event, the list goes on.
while all of them busy dressing up tomorrow evening. im gonna be at the hotel 3 hours earlier
to make sure everything will be in a good condition.

of course, im jealous. i wanna have that extra time to make up too!
and fyi, i still din hv any dress for the dinner.
guess im gonna win the ugly duckling award tomorrow :(

ada sapa-sapa generous nak derma dress for me?


Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 2, Road trip to Ranau and Kundasang

Salam semua,
Day 2 : Sabah.
After jalan-jalan kat kinabalu park and snap photos, i teruskan lagi pergi ke ranau and kundasang. first, singgah kundasang dulu. Ranau and Kundasang bukanlah pekan besar. Bila sampai Kundasang i was abit shocked. sebab rasa macam dalam filem dulu-dulu. dengan old signage semua, rasa macam dalam cerita P.Ramlee hehe cuba tengok gambar.

Soto sedap kat restauran anjung selera, pekan Ranau

Pekan Kundasang.
macam filem melayu dulu-dulu kan?

kat kundasang, i was searching for strawberries. tapi tak banyak pun yang ada, yang ada just kecik-kecik and masam :( lebih kurang macam cameron highlands tapi cameron jauh lagi maju. sempat beli ice cream strawberry dengan whipped cream and honey. sedap jugak :)
tak singgah lama kt kundasang, just lalu beli buah then terus ke Ranau. Singgah lunch kejap kat pekan Ranau, makan soto. Ranau ni maju sangat kalau compare dengan Kundasang. tapi jarak tak jauh pun. lebih kurang 10 minit je. tatau nape besar sangat difference dia. then tanya makcik kedai, jalan pergi sabah tea and makcik tuh cakap takde ape kat situ, baik pergi fish massage and hot springs. oh! makcik tuh siap guide jalan lagi. sangat friendly! :)

and she was right, memang takde ape pun situ. ni lah sabah tea plantation.

ni plak fish massage kat ranau.
fee: rm5 untuk celup kaki and rm10 untuk mandi. for 15 minutes je.
i was ambitious. bayar rm10 sebab ingat macam mandi sungai kan?
tengok ikan dia! besar gila ok?! macam size ikan siakap. tak tipu. i baru jeee nak turun, maybe ikan tuh dah nampak bayang-bayang i kot, semua tunggu kt tepi sungai. memang tak berani lah nak turun. then i tengok je orang yang datang selam-selam kaki. ish fikir-fikir dah bayar banyak, kene turun jugak selam kaki. tapi baru ibu jari sentuh air, ikan dah datang ramai-ramai.
aduhhh, memang menjerit-jerit lah. ikan kecil kat fish spa pun geli. bayang kan ikan besar datang ratah korang?
then,there was this guy yang mandi tak pakai baju dalam sungai tuh. ikan tuh da sampai leher dia dah duk makan-makan. i tengok dah macam kene serang dengan piranha dah. dia pun macam geli jugak tapi control macho je tuh hehe and pakcik yang jaga tempat tuh pulak, sibuk cakap dengan i, xpee, ikan jinak, xpee. masuk cepatt. rugi bayar banyak-banyak. ye pakcik, i know tapi sabar, i was searching for my strength, tapi dia xabes-abes, pergi, masuk kaki tuh, haa masuk kaki. alaaa! rugi lahh. cepat lahh 15min saja nii.alaaa nak takut apaa, turunn sajaa, pejam mataa. dia siap bagi makanan ikan lagi, nak suruh ikan banyak datang. eeeee. last-last... i nangis hahaha. sebab tak tahan kena pressure. hahaha tah pape. menangis di sabah.
the result, i tak masuk lansung. celup kaki kejap pun tak. hehe xnak. i xboleh.
geli :(

after that i singgah hot springs.
dekat je dengan ranau ni. dalam hot springs ni, ada banyak taman, ada canopy walk semua. tapi i just lalu, tak masuk pun. just check out the place je.
air terjun dalam hot springs.

ramai jugak orang yang datang time ni, and masa i jalan nak turun,
ada japanese ni complain cakap,
none of them wearing swimming suits!

hot springs dia ni, bukan macam from bukit ker apa. dorang dah renovate tempat tuh. buat macam pool, macam jacuzzi, just bukak pipe je. air panas keluar. hehe tak nature sangat lah for me.

then after that dalam pukul 4pm, i terus gerak balik kota kinabalu sebab dah mengantuk and sangat letih, nak kena drive lagi and i did something stupid. i was so sleepy masa drive, and try drive selaju yang mungkin,sebab nak cepat sampai hotel. pastu i potong kereta banyak lah. then ade one time tu, i nak potong kereta tapi ada kereta lain kat depan, so i kena masuk my lane balik, tapi kat lane tu dah ada kereta kelisa putih, so i cam menghimpit ke kereta dia, die pun apa lagi, honk i, kuat gile. memang salah i pun. ada couple dalam kereta tuh. punyalah dia marah, dia macam kejar my car, sebab i was in front them. silaplah dia racing dengan ayya :P

lama jugak dia kejar, sebab dorg pon heading to KK city jugak. sampai one time, i memang kt depan, i langgar traffic light ( baru merah je time tu :P) tp dorang sangkut kt traffic light tu. i gelak lah puas hati, tp tak lama pastu, tiba-tiba i nampak dorang balik, ada kt belakang kereta. arghh! siot jeh. dorang nak try potong kereta i dengan masuk lane kiri, konon nak ke depan lah. tapi depan kejap je sebab ada lori kat lane tu, so lambat lah jadinya, bila dah sampai kk sikit, jam plak. banyak kereta. so i xnampak dah dorang. kira i menang kn? kan?

hehehe baru dua hari kt kk dah buat perangai. tp thanks to them. i tak ngantok terus dah pastu :P


Day 2, Road trip to gunung kinabalu

hello readers,
i woke up early on the 2nd day. around 530am,
pukul 630am i dah gerak pergi gunung kinabalu.
masa tuh, dah cerah dah. macam pukul 8 kt semenanjung. culture shock kejap :P
balik dari diving, i sewa kereta siap-siap, kereta savvy rm120 per day.
from bimaz tours and travel. ( u can google it ), sebab dia lagi murah dari website lain offer. and kalau nak sewa kat sana time dah sampai, maybe dah takde kereta kecik-kecik macam viva, kancil or savvy sebab ramai dah ambil. ada kereta besar macam wira, persona and iswara je.
singgah isi minyak kat pump kejap, beli biskut and milo + nescafe then terus gerak ke gunung kinabalu.
berbekalkan 2 map and 1 gps tak berapa boleh pakai. bertolak!
ikut jalan ke kota belud first, then ke ranau then ke kundasang.
xsusah pun and xsesat pun. traffic okay je. xbanyak kereta and weather pun elok.
im so excited bila dah start naik bukit sebab sejuk sangat :)
sorry photo xikut susunan.
sampai kat kinabalu park lebih kurang sejam setengah. nampak gunung kinabalu before sampai lagi! lawa sangattt. hampir menjerit dalam kereta. tiket masuk rm3 tapi kalau nak daki gunung kinabalu, kena ada permit so i masuk sampai kinabalu park je lah, kat kaki bukit je. takkan nak daki sorang-sorang.

jangan tiru pemanduan berbahaya ini!

tengok! gunung kinabalu!

nak pergi gunung kinabalu ni,
satu je nak advise.
sila gerak awal. sebab kalau lambat-lambat nanti berkabus.
tak nampak dah gunung sebab kena tutup dengan kabus.
i sampai pukul 8 lebih, kabus tak banyak. boleh tengok view sangat lawa, ok.
pukul 9 lebih, dah xnampak apa-apa dah.
my next post will be about ranau and kundasang.
stay tune :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Salut Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu

Selamat pagi :)
i read about Salut Seafood Restaurant from some blog before pergi KK. this halal chinese restaurant situated out of town sikit tapi since i stayed at tunehotel. lebih kurang 15min je from hotel. bonus, sebab i sewa kereta after balik from diving so senang nak bergerak ke mana-mana.
lagipun tunehotel agak jauh from city.
i invited some divers to join me so takde lah makan sorang-sorang.

appetizer, ground nuts and i dunno what that is. rasa macam jelly and masam-masam.

mussels masak halia.

sangat sedap and fresh!

Lala goreng cili kering.

sauce dia sangat sedap and clams pun sangat fresh.
thumbs thumbs thumbs up!

im not oyster fan. tapi these,
i surrender! sangat sedap sampai hirup-hirup sauce dia.
maybe sebab fresh sangat. takde bau lansung!
Steamed oyster.

menu paling i suka malam tuh.
wet butter prawn.
sedap sedap sedap and fresh.
isi udang tu sangat manis and udang besar and banyak.
nyummm :D
menu malam ini semua owner restaurant ini yang suggest, except for prawn.
i demand nak wet butter prawn sebab i nak try rasa. kt semenanjung jarang ada restaurant
pandai buat wet butter prawn :D
total damage :
rm80 for 4 persons.
included drinks.
murah tak?
and sangat sedap.
honestly. bukan owner restaurant pay me
to write good review tapi memang sedap betul!
wajib pergi if youre in KK.
memang jalan pergi Salut ni quite tricky, if you want directions, i can help you.
i'll be more than happy to help :)


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