Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Super Girlfriend

ignore the title. i had no idea where it came from.

aloha people!

when ur relationship comes to an end, obviously u went to evry details
where did u go wrong, was it something u say,
or u do. or because u put on weights.
u wonder about the other girl, is she prettier than u,
or has flawless skin, or maybe her hair sparkles when it catch the light.

but sometimes, u need to stop all the nonsense thots and
think, "hey maybe its not me, maybe its you. "
maybe its not our fault, maybe its his.
he din see that qualities u hv in u.
maybe u din realize ur in relationship with a blind man.
and dun feel sorry for urself for that broken relationship.
feels sorry for him because he left u.
and if he thinks he got someone better than u,
tell him. "think again".
ur already with him for awhile.
and ur already adapt with his routine, his way of talking.
his way of life and friends.
and hes going to start over with someone new.
believe me. its tough. he need to train his new gf.
and i wonder about the new girl, can she accept ur way of life just like i did?
din think so. if shes a fool like u, then she can ;)

what u can do is,
if ur in a relationship. treat the boyfie well,
understand him, pamper him.
try to be there for him everytime he need u.
respect him. surprise him.
take him out for dinner. dun wait for him to do so.
guys are lembab about this :p
yes, true.
be the super girlfriend.
because if he asks for a break up. then u can happily
let him go.
and u know u did the best u could.
if he cant see that,
he must be a fool.
big fat one.


nanite :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


halo people. im home now for a very long holiday.
sorry for the long hiatus.
my lappy went to drain. and i think i need a new one.
im at aunt's house now and going to spend a few nights here.
my internet activities are decreasing. yela, i hv no lappy sure laa cant access
the internet. but i did update on twitter once in a while.

i feel uneasy. like there are something in my stomach.
obviously its not butterflies. but something u feel when ur
receiving a bad news.
i dunno why i feel very very uneasy and awry.
because of his social friends?
or his way of life?
u knw what, i always judge a person based on their peers. i know a lot might disagree with me.
but thats my own opinion.
u cant choose ur family but u can choose ur friends.
and u chose friends like 'that', means that ur part of the their world.
then u joined their activities and all.
next ur announcing ur not like them. ur better than them.
but i think. u are.
to the bone.



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