Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zaity is getting married!


22nd September 2012, Zaity sudah selamat menjadi isteri orang and of course i want to be there for her solemnization and reception. Mana boleh miss, she is my bestfriend from highschool. Dulu almost every night I tidur at her dorm. Sebenarnya I dorm lain tapi i merempat di dorm Zaity and Khazliqah. Enjoyed sleeping in between them, i rarely stay in my own dorm. syok tau malam-malam Khazliqah tepuk-tepuk peha suruh tidur :)

I love her wedding dress, this dress kitorang beli kat Jakarta masa june trip aritu. Dress ni quite plain tapi she sent to the tailor, add beading and pop up flowers. The result? Lawa sangat :)

Pretty kan?

Tak boleh tahan sedih, see my face? sob sob

Sedih sangat masa akad nikah, lagi-lagi bila habis lafaz je, she whispered to me, " Weh, aku dah jadi bini orang dah.."
" Jangan cakap camtu boleh tak??! "

23rd September, Reception di Dewan Pavillion, Seremban.

On our way to the hall

Zaity asked me to be her bridemaid, one year earlier.masa my birthday pula tu. anything for the bridezilla.

And i would like to share funny story, masa bersiap for her reception. Sangat kelakar bila ramai terkejut, why i dressed up too? why i pun macam mak datin ni?
I pun macam terkejut, bukan bridemaid kena begitu kan?
Make up artist Zaity explained, orang kelantan memang macam tu. suka melaram. sebab dia pun asal kelantan juga.

I pun tak perasan, sebab in my family, if ada wedding, memang kitorang akan ada theme color for the family and semua akan beli baju baru and dressed up lawa-lawa. kalau pengantin start make up pukul 8 pagi, 8 pagi juga laa kami start make up. 

Different tradition, huh?

Lovely couple.

Stf girls if jumpa tak sah kalau tak kepochi, selalu buat onar di majlis orang.

Zaity, semoga berbahagia di alam perkahwinan ya. Doa yang baik-baik saja untuk kau and u know i love you so much!

Kenapa lah bridemaid tak boleh ikut pergi Krabi :P


Friday, September 28, 2012

Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village


Early September is my best friend's birthday. So i decided to bring her out for the whole day, just do the girly stuff, ( mani pedi etc) and have a proper dinner. just the two of us. yes, I am a very romantic person.

Tiba-tiba je, her parents were in town and she need to spend time with them. takpe, family comes first!
so i just ada masa for dinner je with her. Itu pun dah lambat. we decided to go to Bangsar and I ajak dia try Bens General Food Store di Bangsar Village.

Latte RM7.90

 I love the decoration on my latte :)

Caesar Salad Rm12.90

 For appetizer, we chose caesar salad, portion nya quite small and tak puas makan. tapi with that price, i'll pass. kalau add grilled chicken sure lagi sedap.

Pescatora Pizza RM31.90

 Then we shared this pescatora pizza. Highly recommended! Thin crust and very cheezyyyy. super sedap!
Nampak kecil tapi sangat fulfilling.

Tomatoes, Mozarella, garlic ( loads of them) , mixed seafood of shrimps, squid, fish and mussels.

Pizza ni sangat flavourful. You gotta try it yourself. 

It is a must to have cake on birthday. ( at least, for me)
 Kalau nak beli one whole cake, rasa macam sangat membazir sebab dua orang je makan so we ordered one slice of RV. too bad, the cake is quite dry. I tak really enjoy this :(

Red Velvet

The birthday girl still in baju kurung. busuk punya orang ( x_x)

I will come again soon. Their food selection agak limited tapi nampak macam semua nya sedap. 
so mesti cuba menu lain pula. till then


Thursday, September 27, 2012

A good way to kick start my morning :)


I was in the computer lab this morning to print out LINUS instruments. It took me so long due to the slow snail internet. so i turn on the speaker and searched 'Liam Murphy' on youtube.
Surprisingly, a few teachers enjoying the song too!

this is one of my favourite song ' i gotta feeling'.



Monday, September 24, 2012

The bride & her bridemaid

Salam all,

Last saturday, my bestfriend from highschool getting hitched! i am so happy for her and sad a bit at the same time. sob sob because she is now one step ahead in her life.

On our way to Dewan Pavillion, Seremban

Two days after she got married, I called her and bergossip. then i asked her,

 Ayya : Ko kat mana ni?
Zaity : kat johor.
Ayya : Apsal ko kat johor?
Zaity : Aku nak pergi mini honeymoon kat Singapore.
Ayya : Ohhh yela, ko dah kawin -_-

I forgot she is now a wife. HAHA sorry babe, kacau u on your honeymoon.
so i hang up and called the other bestfriend, Dynat. hehehe

I am so happy for all of my friends and at the same time feeling sad because i know we'll never be the same anymore.

life goes on, right?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Engagement teaser #part2


I tak ambil lagi softcopy from the photographer, tunggu photobook siap sekaligus baru ambil.
Like i said, nak update one by one patiently hehe.
about the dress, the pelamin, hantaran, decoration and all the dramas that i have been through.
stick with me ya.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Review Engagement : Personalized mineral bottles & chocolate bars.


Second review for my engagement party is about thank you tags, personalized mineral bottles and chocolate bars. I tempah semua at Wedding Thingy . Alhamdullilah, semua went well. Tak delay and dapat on time. maybe sebab i tempah 3 months earlier. Just ada kesilapan sikit. I sebenarnya nak thank you sticker, tapi i tercakap thank you tags. i thought they were the same thing. HAHA. terpaksa laa tampal double sided tape plak belakang tu kasi lekat.  (T_T)

if ada yang tertanya-tanya, sedap x chocolate tu? seriously i dont know. i tak sempat rasa even sikit pun. I minta chocolate ni letak kat candy buffet table, and bila dah habis majlis. semua lesap!

And this is how my mineral bottle labels turned out. i rejected the first design sebab it is too dark.
sebenarnya i want peonies. theme dia peonies with pink n purple color. what i had in mind tak sama dengan apa yang i dapat tapi bila tanya pendapat orang, they said this is very nice. so i just go with it.
this is why u need friends/ bridemaids to help and convince you.

love it? i do!

My doorgift box, i beli di WS Handicraft . around rm0.65 je per pc. Terus beli kat kedai dia, area kbmall.

Dalam doorgift tuh, i letak wajik, biskut bakar, bekas songket yang i beli kt Bandung and gula-gula.
Simple sahaja sebab for engagement, and still tak ada idea for doorgift nikah..

i am waiting for photos from my official photographer. bila dah dapat baru lah boleh buat full review :)

to be continue..


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review Engagement : Engagement Card

Salam all,

Masa nak plan for engagement hari tu, i tak terfikir pun nak buat engagement card, i rasa macam over lah.. bertunang pun nak ada card. but then, I terbaca Ilovewedding buat promotion. 50 sen je satu card.
i terus email them to book and discuss. Niat i sebab nak check out hasil kerja mereka. sebab ramai yang complain wedding card dalam gambar nampak lawa tapi bila dah print, image pecah, font xlawa.
macam-macam lagi lah. so why not i try dulu and kalau semua okay, boleh tempah untuk wedding card nanti :)

The owner sangat lah membantu, boleh bayang tak i cakap i nak cepat, kalau boleh dalam masa one week and nak dalam 50 keping je.. dia owner cakap okay! and terus discuss. Fuh, dalam masa seminggu, dapat siap. pretty simple tapi sangat lawa.

I nak dalam bentuk postcard, every discussion semua made through email. Bincang today, three days later terus they sent me the design , i confirmed then proceed with the printing process. wow pantas kan?
kualiti kertas pula lawa, warna cream and bukan kertas yang cikai-cikai senang terkelepet * if you know what i mean*.
Font okay, clear and takde double line. color pun sangat lawa. sharp.
Yang penting, my mum saw the card, and berkenan sangat-sangat. very cute kata nya. simple sahaja and cost pon rendah. lagipun i memang tak nak spend banyak-banyak kat situ. looking forward to book my wedding card with you guys.

They also provide guestbooks, doorgift box, corsages etc. so contact them now to get their awesome services!

Ilovewedding is on facebook . click to go to their page


Friday, September 7, 2012

Check out Ayya's photos on Facebook.

Check out Ayya's photos on Facebook.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sharing is caring

Salam all,

I still berfikir-fikir to do a review or not on my previous event. It supposed to be a secret and just to share with close friends and family. but still, i have been through a beautiful process and met awesome people throughout the journey. Its such a waste if im not sharing anything here, right?

It would be great if any information that i share here can help many many brides out there :)

will be taking my time and updating one by one patiently

till then xoxo!


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