Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harvest In Cafe @ Irrawady Road.

the cafe situated near to jemputree

Fresh orange juice - rm3
Honey lemon - rm 3

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken - rm7.90
the portion was quite small.
but with price like that, one cant complain much right?

comes with mashed potato, salad with mustard on it

Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce - RM7.90

Barbeque Chicken - Rm7.90
sorry for the blur picture. my friend was so hungry :P

the best thing about this cafe was, they din hv service charged or gov tax :)
very cozy environment and mind you.
it was very packed during lunch hour.
total damage :
Rm 32.70
xoxo :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its 230 in the morning! ( exam mode)

hello people :)

It is exam week and thats why im still studying. one of the reason why im still awake is because i went out with zaity today. frm 3pm to 1opm, gulp! she finished her degree and its her last day in Penang. (thats my excuses for going out today) quite sleepy so i thot im gonna do nazira's tagging activities. to refresh the brain n keep me awake for the next 2 hours.
so here it goes:

Firstly, tag as many person as u want.
1. Hezri
2. Mc la
3. Nazira ( i fire u back) haha
4. Puteri Syurga
5. Asila
6. Dynat ( i knw shes in Padang now, but i dun care!)

and anwer these questions:

1. Who are those guys listed?
theres only one guy listed, so thats my bf :)

2. Plis write out the most memorable things u had with the 1st person on the list.
the most memorable thing that i had with hezri is, it happened 3 years back when he was in Penang on a short trip. we went to Feringghi beach for a walk. and we r not dating yet.
there was a family on a picnic, and one of them smiled at us n said, " cantiknya, pandai memilih " something like dat :) i believe it refer to both of us. i thot that maybe we looked good together, hehe

3. Do you know the person who tagged u?
i do :)

4. if you do, pls write about them
Nazira is my ex classmate. we became close after finished highschool. how weird is that?
we went thru alot and we step into adulthood together :D ( u knw what i mean) she is very concern about her friends, and sometimes people take her kindness for granted. im glad i know her but hardly meet her now! very busy with the rehearsals and all. u owe me woman!

5. if you can pawu and wafu with someone, who wud it be?
Who the hell is pawu and wafu?!


xoxo :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Restoran Salero Negori @ Amcorp Mall, PJ

One sunday, planned to go to Mid Valley for lunch,
but i obviously not in the mood to fight for parking or stuck in the traffic,
so we decided to crash Amcorp Mall.
this is my first time visit and we went thru every floor.
until we found this
Restoran Salero Negori.
(nasi padang and masakan negeri sembilan)

im a big fan of gulai daging salai, wont let this chance slipped away!
i just ordered one!
one bowl costs rm3
worth every penny i spent :D

sayur lemak pucuk paku

terung sambal

ikan keli and sambal

sup tulang

sambal cili padi (u'll get this one for free)

my comment was, two thumbs up!
all the dishes tasted super delicious.
honestly, i was drooling while updating ths blog.
cant wait for the next visit.
total damage :
plus 3 plain rice
and 3 iced tea.

they also have another 2 branch at
BB plaza and kelana jaya.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teppanyaki @ One Utama

i did mentioned before, i really love teppanyaki
its very simple and delicious too.

the chef is preparing our meal

this is beef teppanyaki,
the set comes with plain rice, stir fried bean sprout and beef.

chicken teppanyaki, abit burned :(

here comes the dessert.
fuji snow :D
i love it.
taste like abc but they use gula melaka syrup instead.

a very simple meal,
but feel free to try it,
who knows u might love it too :D
xoxo :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sakae Sushi @ Gurney Plaza

Besides sushi king, there is another outlet that i love.
Sakae Sushi :)
i already forgot some of the names of these sushis
sorryy :(

how techno,
easier for the customer to order.

tamago with unagi in it :)
prawn crepe,
one of my fav! :)

miso soup
soybean sauce
vegetables tempura.
i love ths!
we ordered two plates of these.

Soft shell crab temaki.
one of my fav too.


chawanmushi but with crabstick

garlic fried rice.
my friend complained, it was tasteless
california rolls.

another maki
i love ths toooo!
salmon sushi
fried hotate
(deep fried scallop)

green plate = rm1.90
pink plate = rm3.90
red plate = rm5.90
selamat menjamu mate :D



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