Tuesday, December 22, 2009


is a very compatible number, isnt it?

i is turning 22 tomorrow. how time flies so fast!
i am now officially an adult, and allowed to engage with adult activities.
(its not what ur thinkin!) but obviously there are alot more waiting,
commitment, responsibilities and loads of STRESS. happy stress, comfort stress hopefully.
referring to my previous post, im finally happy now :D
know why?

i talked to hezri about all the reasons why i am unhappy
and i realized i was over think. i focus and hope for the negative result
instead of solving problems. i put on more pressure. not good, huh?
after a very verryyy long phone conversation, i was so happy
i talked it through. because i feel more alive and happier than ever
and now i can pull back my words to hezri, it is the worst birthday ever!
haha i know, i was such a drama queen.

well, about my birthday tomorrow. no restaurant reservation and all,
but a very comfort birthday celebration. at home :)
its gonna be all about families and we are doing comfort food.
just like the one i always dream of.
all the cousins will be here, and my aunt will be preparing loads of dishes.
and its gonna be special.
because, all of us will masak2 together. one of my cousin requested, to buy big apple
doughnuts instead of birthday cake. and i thought it was great,
and unique. its such a good idea :)
its gonna be delightful.
cant wait to meet them all tomorrow.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The pseudo

three days more. towards my birthday.

i feel this weird feeling in my stomach, like u want to cry for no reason. 
obviously not butterflies.
earlier today, dad brought me to car showrooms. said i can pick up any cars that 
i like for my birthday prezie. happy? no, not even close. 
i know dad was really upset because i cant pick up anything and im not happy.
its not about the car, or anything else. i appreciate it. 
its just.. i dunno,
i have everything in my hand. everything that i want,
but maybe i hve what i want but not what i need.
theres a huge diff between what u want n what u need.
im not very happy these past few days.
i used to claim i got a pocketful of sunshine but not anymore.
i feel like theres something missing. 
im turning 22 in a few days,
a lil older and hopefully wiser. 
i used to turn to someone when im sad or lonely. 
obviously he cant be there anymore.
i normally woke up at 430am or 5am lately.
dunno why. its a plan wake up. its a sudden wake up. 
and i cant go back to sleep until 8am or 9am. 

one should not be sad or alone on her birthday right?
put up a pesudo smile,
happy front
and go out.
u'll be fine


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the planner

halo people.

this entry is dedicated to the guys :)

when ur girlfriend plans to take u out doing things that we like,
such as ice skating, watching love movies, go to opera and do girly stuff,
we will keep on asking the same questions,
"are u bored?"
"do u find this interesting?"
"are u sleepy?"
"are u okay?"
so, please. do not freak out. esp when we suddenly said sorry.
apologize for bringing u out today.
even worse when u need to skip ur football session.
we feel guilty. we just want to plan something interesting for u.
just put us in ur shoes.
if one day. u invite ur girlfriend to the stadium.
to watch a football match. u also might think she will feel uncomfortable
with the bad smell, the smoker, the shouting and the crowd.
u will asks her the same questions.
even worse, when she need to accompany u and missed her korean series show.

but we are okay. it doesnt matter. as long as u are happy.
same goes to the girls. u try to do something memorable and meaningful
and think ur partner might feels boring and all.
dun worry.
plan something sincerely
insya Allah
hes gonna love it.
and stop asking nonsense questions.
u dun hv to ask.
its all written on their faces :)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The days

Rise and shine people. :)

tried to login into fb a few times but failed.
i forgot my m*yb*nk2u id. and password. crap :(
wont be able to book any flight ticket or shoppin online T_T

this december will be full with weddings and engagement parties.
no matter how much i love the happy parties but i got alot to run too.
ikhwani came to my house and spent a few nites there.
im so glad hving her around. we talked all nite long, catching up.
i was wearing henna with my cousins
ended up causing all the phones turned to red.
now need to buy new housing for them :(

till then

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frozenly happy :)

halo people.

the rainy month has finally arrived and im not so glad to see her.
its not my fav season or fav month,
dunno when i start to hate december so much.
eventho my birthday is in it.
but i love birthdays. :)

sounded peculiar? u can ignore me.
this week is a very busy one for me. will be flying to kl ths wednesday.
come and send me up k? hehe.
i need to run some errands, before off to kl. since my folks will be arriving
in msia this thursday.
hopefully i can get my new lappy asap.

till then



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