Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teppanyaki Express @ Food Republic, Pavilion

If we crash pavilion for a quick lunch,
teppanyaki express is our fav place.
its stir fried, easy and quick to prepare.
and u dun hv to spend all evening go thru long list menu,
waiting for hours for ur order to come.
situated at Food Republic, in front of Madam Kwan, u surely notice
since they'll attract attention by cooking in the open air.
it is interesting because
we can observe how the chef preparing our meal.
right in front of ur eyes, but dont worry about hot oil and all.
ur definitely safe! :)

our set meal comes with clear soup,
a bowl of rice, bean sprout and vegetable.

Salmon Fish set - Rm 17
taste good :)

Sliced beef with chili and garlic set - Rm15
so delicious. i love it.
plus with the blackpepper sauce,
it mix very well :)


Monday, March 29, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

My birthday is in december, but i only get the chance to meet Hezri on January.
so this consider my belated birthday dinner, all on him :) thats the best part.
*engku emran was dining there too when we arrived, he was with a friend, i was hoping to see erra tho.
here comes the drinks:
orange and honeydew juice
freshly squeezed but not bottomless :(
i was hoping on a bigger size.

the smoker area, outside.

Bone in Fillet Rm59 (350g)
seriously yummy.
served with brown sauce,
u can add rm3 to opt for a diff choice.
comes with steamed veggies and mashed potato.

Meatworks Rib Eye, rm58
i chose for lighter weight.
when i took the first bite, it felt like heaven =O
the meat was perfectly marinated,
tasteful and i dont know how to describe it,
the best steak i ever tasted.

total damage = rm156.40
but we are so very satisfy with their service and the food.
if ur looking for the best steak, strongly recommended :)
i cant wait to revisit it!
xoxo :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Earth Hour in Two days!

hEy people.

i was so crazy to get the passes to join earth hour party hosted by, will held at poolside g hotel, gurney. then i google-ed about the party last nite. and decided not to go. since they stressed "dress to wet, dun say we din warn u" gulp! no wonder the party take place at the pool side. so i bet its gonna be a bit wild, plus when i told buya, i was planning to join the party,
she said, jgn laa. nnt ditelan bumi. double gulp!
so no, im not going, i'll just stay at the hostel and turn off the light at 830pm-930pm. dun forget guys. this saturday ya! LETS SAVE OUR WORLD!

i hve an event at school this saturday, frm 8am to 4pm. organized by UITM students. leardership camp or something like that. im not sure. this week was a bit slow for me.
im still in the holiday mood. nothing much to rant.
thats all for now.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Spiteful words hurt your feeling,
silence breaks your heart.

it does hurts,it hurts so much, but i just dont know how to fix it.
i have a hole in my heart where u used to be.

crdt to:


im done with love. im done with miss. im done with sacrifice. im done with communication problems. im done with couple thing.

im just done.

Simple Cheese Omelette for breakfast

i slept late last nite and wake up around 930am.
so hungry and thinkin to make a quick and simple breakfast.
dice the mushroom, tomato and onion.
u can put in chicken or turkey ham if u like.
an egg (depends on the people u goin to serve)
salt and pepper.
if u want, u use beaten egg.

mix them well

pour the egg into the skillet,
add some cheese. u can use any type of cheese dat u like,
as for me, i love cheddar cheese

fold it

please welcome,
mr cheese omelette :D

look at the cheezyyyy. =O

xoxo :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the holiday

im in the clinic while writing this blog. no, im not sick. my mum is. not really sick. she just want to pick her skincare products. its a cosmestic clinic. it feels so good to be home. i made spaghetti today. u probably think, its a common thing but i love homemade spaghetti. ive tried many types of pasta with diff types of cooking. but i still love homemade spaghetti. im not good at cooking. dun get me wrong. i just love the fact dat im involve with the process of making it. hehe ive lot to tell about hezri's last day in malaysia, about alice in the wonderland review, but i cant find the time to write all of it. i hv one week off from works, obviously its not enough. then again, im thinking to apply for a part time job. i nver experience workin other than teaching. iv nver work before. not even once. i feel jealous when other friends told their days at work. i mean as a part time job laa. at gsc, at dome, at secret recipe, at topshop or receptionist at a dental clinic. u can never get dat experience when ur older. u wudnt want to work at a cinema when u reach 28. since ur an 'expert' at ur own field. i wud love to try a part time job but hezri wont let me. he worried about my safety, my working hours, bla bla. haha even if im not workin, he still worry about me. to death. n i feel like a 5 year when im with me. in a good way lorr. so chomel laa u abang. till then, im tired. xoxo ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Papa Johns@Sunway Pyramid

The best pizza, and my favourite so far.
went to sunway pyramid n i was so hungry like hell.
then hezri suggested how about pizza?
and i said okay because my brain started to stop working :P

cream of mushroom.
so thick but tasty.
Strongly recommended!
6" Super Papa's pizza.
Rm 11.20
we ordered the smallest size and regret it later.
it was soo yummy, better than any pizza u ever taste!

it comes with buttery cream, which i found very extraordinary tasteful.
the taste were like garlic butter.

im drooling while writing this blog

Seafood deluxe ( spaghetti)
it was baked and comes with cheese, shrimp and tuna.
hezri love it but i din.
maybe because im not a seafood lover.

i was craving for more and we decided to add on one more pizza!
(it was so yummy, u know)

6" All the meats
RM 11.20
the pizza taste a bit spicy. still had my vote.
but i love Super Papa's more. :)

total damage:
Rm 55.45
including drinks.
quiet reasonable. since we ate alot.
just try, u will not regret it :)


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