Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Jazz

im enjoying the smooth jazz music now, it makes me feel more alive.

seriously. just try okay ;)
i twittering with iziyanti the other day. she advice me to take daily dairy product.
but i dun feel like taking one, afraid it will increase my body fat percentage.
but she assured me that i dun hve to be afraid if i choose the right product.
low fat or skim milk. anlene and nesvita omega3 is the best choices now.
the best i could do so far is just taking strawberry yogurt, thats all.

im taking her advice seriously since i realized that women need more calcium than men.
esp when ur pregnant. im not going to reveal all the details here. go and google :)

gtg. i'll continue later at night.
tomorrow is friday! yiipppiii


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Guitar

Listening to teardrops on my guitar.

i'll bet shes beautiful
that girl he talks about
and shes got everything
that i have to live without

i just knew that my college had been closed for a week because of H1N1 cases.
glad that im not there now. so i can continue my prac as usual. cant wait to finish it,
3 weeks left. yeayy. i cant stand the pressure. 'i love my job' wont be singing anymore.

time flies really quick, duncha think?
its end of july now.
cant wait to meet hezri again next year.
my housemates really adore us. i came back from school and switch on
the lappy right away. because i knw, hezri is waiting to ym with me.
and we'll be chatting frm 2pm until 10pm non stop.
just stop for prayers, cooking time and taking bath.
we did alot of things together, doodles, reading news online,
watching gossip girls, and such.

i din think this is unsual situation, because we've been like this
for almost two years :)
and still cant get enough.

bye people :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

The chicken soup for the soul

maybe the hardest thing to do is
the best thing for u
in the long run.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The morning show.

MOrning people.

too early to blog? :)
im at school now, surfing for educational thingy but spare some time to update my blog.
i choose to teach year 4 n 5 students as i thot it would be easier.
but i was wrong. teaching smart students was okay but the students with low achievement and
still dont know how to solve addition problems, eventho they already 10 years old was
the biggest challenge.
i found a very interesting activity, math karate, i hope that i can attract their attention. at least bring a lil improvement to the class.
enough talking about school, i hvnt decided yet
where to go during the fasting month,
still thinking about my promise with anum,
to go to Al- Marjan for ramadhan buffet. nyum nyum.
i rarely dine at arabian and lebanese restaurant,
hope its gonna be perfect. :D

bye people.
havva a good day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TGIF @ Queensbay mall

halo people.
dining at Thank God Im Fat (TGIF) is not my fav event.
luckily they offer a promotion now,
u can choose an appetizer and a main meal for only rm 29.90
sounds good right?
u can pick one of this 3 appetizers,
fried mac n cheese
clam clowder
buffalo wings
alot of choices of main meal.
i cant really memorize the choices,
go and visit tgif now
and find out urself :)
we start with,
apple and mango juice for rm8.90
its not bottomless :(

i choose,
fried mac n cheese

with sizzling chicken with cheese plus mashed potato

both are only for rm29.90

and we add another main meal,
honey pecan salmon with rice

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The BoOk Store

i went to tesco seberang prai last night to buy some groceries.

theres a book store in there, LARGE and new bookstore, :) i always heart new bookstore because they organize things well.
i mean, i can find alot of books in there, new or old books, it was so complete.
i could spend many mannyyy hourss in there.
i even drag hezri many times during our dates, to teman me explore the bookstore.

i found myself 3 good books but i dont know which one to buy first.
there is no point buying all those 3 books but u cant find urself times to read them, right?
im still thinking which one to get first, hmmm.
loaded with heavy works, i prefer to go straight to bed at 10pm, so i can wake up freshly
the next morning.

but as i said before, heavy works wont let me to go sleep at 10.
NO way :(

ps: i hvnt read men from mars, and women from venus
what a shame

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The long weekend

last night booya and i went out for dinner at juru autocity. the A plan was to dine at sakae teppanyaki but later on we decided to hit sushi king since i read some blogs review about the places. urmph, some bad reviews actually.

after a very long queue, we finally managed to get a seat right and i looked around, we were the only malay customers. happy with the fast service eventho they were packed with people.
after that, we r heading to jusco to find a japanesse table. cant stand the pain on my back anymore.

but we dun find any and it was quite late, we decided to watch harry potter, but the show was on 1155pm. no, i dun want to go home late. bought some groceries and straight heading home.
such a boring and long weekend without hezri here.


Friday, July 17, 2009


i woke up abit early today. rushed to bath because i thot its already late.
actually its only 615am,

perform subuh prayer and i saw booya in the kitchen,
making french toast for us

its been 3 weeks at school. i cant wait to finish this program.
still cant get used to go to school by myself.
normally hezri will take me there.
it feels weird when i dun see him in front of my house at 7am everyday

i went to lots of places to dine lately
expand the waistline i shud say
food activities need to stop now
and focus on work.

i shud buy a japanesse table
my back was in pain when i was doing work at home :(

till then


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market @ Gurney

Tea time, dear?
feeling hungry around 3pm-5pm?
go to manhattan fish market and choose 3 different special tea time offer.
whitebait with tartar sauce
country fried mushroom
garlic butter mussels with baguette
and i pick the 3rd choice

add another 0.95 sen to get hot black coffee or tea


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roadhouse Grill, Penang

Halo people.
my very first entry for the new blog.
hope ur gonna like it.

I decided to go to Roadhouse Grill in Gurney for the birthday celebration, i had 2 places to choose for the dinner and the other one is Eclectic. However my boyfriend (the birthday boy hehe) chose Roadhouse Grill to go for. He always has a good taste for food:-) thats why i like him.

These are the pictures of the mouth-watering food. Enjoy!

complimentary peanuts
Hot steamy buns, yum2 :-)

Fresh Roadhouse salads

Roadhouse Ribs with mashed potato
RM 40.90

Mixed Grill ( egg, lamb, beef and chicken) with sweet potato
RM 35.90

orange and guava juice
RM 7.90 each

this is my new fav restaurant.

the service was great

the food seriously yummy.

big portion, reasonable price.

strongly recommended

The new start.

i decided to start food blogging again after i shut down my previous blog.

now i got help from friends so its gonna be fun.

happy sunday people.

im off now :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caught in the middle

i am cursing the mas website now.

ayyahenrietta and the boyfriend, spent the whole evening at starbucks today
with cinnamon rolls, iced latte plus caramel, mocha frap and java chip frap.
gile. huhu

i brought my work along but cant stayed for a long time focusing on them since
felt so tired and sleepy, ended up slept on hezri's shoulder. i tried to keep myself awake by surfing the internet but he wont let me.
keep on pushing me to finish up the works before playing around.
but ur highness, i cant obey u. hehe

we gonna celebrate hezri's belated birthday at 930pm today
but i cant decide where to go, either roadhouse grill or eclectic lounge.
okay people.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life is soooo gooooddd~

ayyahenrietta is starbucking with the boyfriend

im already at the new home. alot of tragedies happened but i dun wanna talk about it.
since life is soo good because hezri is here now.
i ate cheese baked oyster last week, taste so yummy. went to loads of places since last week.
but starting tomorrow onwards, more workssssss waiting for me.

eh gtg. craving for mushroom jack but hezri wont take me to hehe


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