Friday, June 26, 2009

The late night snack

i arrived quite late to pick up aida. around 845pm, since i got stuck in a traffic jam in front of my college, with this very long line cars to get out from the island. heading to the penang bridge.
i was rushing and this car behind me, kiss my bumper. shit.
luckily its not hard enuff. so it din scratch much.

my curfew was 10pm, we reached gurney plaza around 920pm,
fighting to find parking, its not weekends, but it was all packed, gosh,
penang people shud spend more time at home.
first we hit sakae sushi, but it was quite late and not much sushi left on the moving belt.
so we decided to sneak out from sakae sushi and went to sushi king.
the guy at the sushi king keep on asking us, we r student or what, n study where.
bla bla. i was on my way to cashier and pointing out at aida to answer the qs.

i was home around 1045pm, 45minutes late and hezri was so worried because i hvnt sms
him yet, and the next morning, he gave me a short lecture, he din like me to go out at night
alone and drive alone anymore. and i always did this habit, i went out and inform him later.
he prefer that i asked him first before went out, huhu i know he cant stay calm
if i was out, he cant sleep tight.
im sorry abang.
thank u for ur concern :)

gtg, bye!

owh btw im going to my new home at bukit tambun tomorrow.
so bye2 to all the people in my college.
see u for the next 2 months

The Goodbye II

i feel.. sad.

seriously, there are 2 more days to say goodbye to my roomate. the best roomate ever, ajah.
act i nvr had any other roomate hehe.
we've been roomate from day one we started foundation at ipsah, and
we still in the same room when we were in the 1st year.
now we are in the 3rd year. so we've been roomate for about 4 1/2 years.
gosh, its a long time.

this saturday, we will be separated from each other, since we were sent to different school
during practicum. for 8 weeks.
and i feel so sad to think about it. since im not
going to wake up in the morning and see her face.
ajah is a morning person, so shes like my alarm clock.
she took care of me when i was sick.
we like calling funny names to each other.
she provided me new indonesian love song, which im going to like
after she repeated playing the same song for the whole day.
if she ordered any food and like it, so shes gonna have the same meal
everywhere we go, for at least 2 weeks. if mee goreng that she likes, so mee goreng
for 14 days. haha

seriously, im gonna miss her alot :(
babe, goodluck practicum.


im gonna miss her lots.

bye ;(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you

i love you~

when i was on the way to the hosp yesterday, i was listening to when this really
romantic cute song on air. 1 2 3 4 from plain white t's.

suddenly i felt so sad and missed hezri alot. so i change my direction and drove to feringghi.
the place where we had alot of memories.
the place that me fell for him.
being in a long distance relationship is tough.
he's there when i need him, but hes not in front of my eyes.
u cant touch, u cant feel him. u cant date, u cant eat together
u cant watch movie, u cant share ice cream, or u cant call him when u cant sleep
at night, because the time diff.

but what makes us strong is
i dunno, i guess im really madly in love with him.
there are sparks when i saw him.
not that any ordinary sparks. the sparks that stop ur heart.
and he did alot just to make me happy.
he travel a thousand miles just to make sure im fine.
i just dunno how to thank him

but i admit, we had our bad times, we fought and yell at each other too.
its not happy hour all the times huhu
but we make it thru,
we work things out.
pray for us k?

im missing him very very much. 'miss' is one of the interesting part in a relationship.
its was so painful when u miss someone,
but u can use that to measure ur feeling towards him right?



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Friend.

i nearly do something stupid today.

i tried to steal a patient from general hosp. stupid, stupid,
what if she suddenly fainted?
or the doctor realized she was gone?
thank God, i din do it.

my clever friend laa, she said she really bored, and wanted to go out
for an hour only. shes been staying at the hospital for two days and craving for fresh air.
i feel so guilty, she was sick so i wanna take her out to make her happy.
she went to bath and siap2 to go out. but i realize that din bring her any good. so i
sms her housemates, and they really worried about her.

so i convince her to stay and luckily, the housemates came after that.
i am so tired now. i arrived at the hostel, around 8:58pm and hezri called me, to make sure
im already home. i promised him to reach mktab at 9pm. pling lmbat pon 10pm laa.
u can count on me babe. hehe

but i was thinking while drove back to college.
maybe fate brought us together, maybe Allah sent me to meet her because she need help.
and maybe one day she will help me too.
maybe theres alot reason why we knew each other.

till then.


The Hospital

one of my closest friend, was admitted to the hospital again last nite because she cant handle the stress, cant take the pressure. twice in 2months time, i think thats a bit too much.
she said she wanna do stupid things.
and i think,
u wanna do stupid things? okay, lets do it.
u wanna do it, then we'll do it.

of course, theres limit for everything.
no dope
no alcohol involved.
we'll see how far u can stand.

but after this, i pray that u wont repeat the same mistakes.
because 'lost' people are not allowed in my circle friends.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Greys

Too early to blog?
nope. i dts.
Morning people.
this is a quote from
greys anatomy
We spend our whole lives worrying about the future,
planning for the future,
trying to predict the future,
as if figuring it out will cushion the blow.
But the future is always changing.
The future is the home of our deepest fears and wildest hopes.
But one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself.
The future is never the way we imagined it.
guess what?
i simply believe it

The Path

you know
u cant always ask the driver to send u anywhere u want to go.
what if the driver take to somewhere u dunno or its not the place
u wanna go.
that is why
sometimes u need to drive it urself.
eventho u dun want to and feeling scared.
but u need to do it,
for ur own good.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Handbag

i need new handbag, bigger one.
i put alot of things in there.

lets make a list.
when i go out for chilling with friends or bf
i'll bring more comel one.
the things i put in it are...

lipstick (at least 2)
lip balm
compact powder
mini eyeshadow
keys (room keys, or car)
women's thing

erm, i think thats all.
or maybe i reduce a few things
to cut it short haha


The Goodbye

im back in penang.

Hola people.
i was just waving goodbye to my parents, cousin and aunt.
yes, im anak manja. lots of people anta me to start a new sem.
hope that they'll arrived kelantan safely. aminn.
im soo emotional this time, dunno why, im not always like this.
homesick is not really my thing now.
but this time, i feel more. .sad?

im not really looking at their faces just now. afraid that i cannot control myself
and shed a tear :( okay, enough drama.

now that im back, i need to settle alot of things,
serious, im going to get very2 busy.
tomorrow, im going brunch with aida.
hope can make it to breakfast
to reduce the duration since im all packed
im unpacking my bag, aish, malasnyee

went here n there, shopping with the family
we spent alot. seriously.
gotta keep moving.


Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fight

in life, u'll never avoid the fight that ur gonna have with ur partner
u will feel bad or annoying with ur partner
u'll feel that u wanna shut them up, or stop them from talking
because they are hurting u.but what u can do is, make it as a healthy fight.

i fight with hezri all the time. its our thing.
after end our war, we will find the cure.
why we start the fight and admit our own mistake
apologize and forgive each other,
tell them u love them
ask them, do you still love me too?

remind them, why u love them. show them all the reason why u love them,
what makes u fell for them
tell them, all the small things that u notice about them
i notice that i cant pinch hezri's nose, hes really mad if i do that
tell them again, ur feeling when u saw them for the first time
when the first time hezri saw me, he stopped the car and the engine,went out from the car, but left the key in it. he turn back to take them. next he was coming but turn back again because he forgot to off the car's light.
tell all the good and nice things about them.
tell them what made them diff from anyone else.
tell them that when they are not around, ur routine change

normally we fight because we feel hurt and we want attention.
we want our partner to compliment us, to tell us
that we are so special more than anything.
we want our partner to pamper us, to treat us right.
we want to learn more about what they like or dislike
dun be shy to admit
if ur partner doesnt see that, help them, guide them.
they are not mind reader. dun be mad at them if they din know what to do,
whats the right thing to say, because u need to tell them.
and ur turning the bad fight into a healthy one.

thats what i did with hezri, we are in a loonnggg distance relationship.
but we've been together for two years. and it was hard, seriously. since im gonna see his face for only 8 weekends, 24 days in a year.but if u find the right one, ur gonna work for it right?
no matter what.
after we fight, we often feel more in love with each other.
sometimes i cried after we fight, not that because the fight, but because i miss him badly. and when we talked about our feeling and apologize, we realized that we were so afraid to lose each other. we reminds why we love each other.

i hope that everyone will try to do that,
start the effort now, dun wait for ur partner. YOU need to start it.

owh dont forget, to tell them,
my world is a better place when ur in it.
im going to tell hezri now.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Special entry for my dearest

Im wishing u
Happy Birthday Abang~

When you have to look away
When you dont have much to say
That's when i love u
I love u just that way
To hear u stumble when u speak
Or see you walk with two left feet
That's when i love you
I love u endlessly

And when you're mad cuz you lost a game
Forget im waitin in the rain
Baby i love you
I love you anyway
So here's my promise made tonite
You can count on me for life
Cuz thats when i love you
When nothin u do could change my mind
The more i learn
The more i love
The more my heart cant get enough
That's when i love you
When i love you no matter what
So when you turn to hide ur eyes
Cuz the movie it made u cry
That's when i love u i love u
a lil more each time
And when u cant quite match ur clothes
Or when u laugh at ur own jokes
That's when i love u
I love u more than you'll know
i love u till the end hezri razak :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For those who can feel it

I can almost see it
That dream I'm dreaming but there's a voice inside my head sayin,
You'll never reach it,
Every step I'm taking,
Every move I make feels lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but I
Got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an up hill battle,
Sometimes you going to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing, the chances i'm taking
Sometimes they knock me down but no I'm not breaking
the pain i'm knowing
But these are the moments thatI'm going to remember most
Just got to keep going
And I, I got to be strong

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It's all about
It's all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith


The reactivate

Anum is my stf friend. she ym me yesterday, asked about my passion towards food.
i said, i still interested eventho i shut down my beautiful tummy blog. she was so excited and invited me to join her to dine at Al Marjan, klcc during the fasting month. buke puase there ;)
yumm yumm. im so glad that i finally found a friend who got passion same as i did. im not taking food photos just because I AM eating them. i critized and gave comment too. ur wrong anum.
im not saje2 hehe

but obviously my food hunting activities will be continue in Penang. i cant wait to go to Blue Reef fish n chips and meet Christopher (blue reef's manager). their meal look so inviting. anum, turun penang if u wanna join me. and everyone is invited too. :)

thank u to lingzie, because she helped alot. i definitely will try the halal dim sum at Northam Hotel. Bring in the cute guys! hahah

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The lOve

i thought
in life love will only come once.
but i never knew that i will get the chance
to be blessed with the second love.

Is it really over?

what if the only thing you want to let go is still haunting you?

what if u want to run away but it still held ur hands?

what if u close ur ears but it still calling out ur names?

what if u want to make all the wrong decision, right again?

what if u wanna sleep and dun wanna wake up anymore?

what if u wanna stop this thing, and pretend it never happen?

what if the only reason that make u smile is the one who make u cry?

what if u were left out in the rain and nobody cares?

what if all the song u heard is laughing at u?

what if the only help u seek, will never come?

what if u get a chance to change into someone else.

will u do it?

what if u get the chance to erase all the memory , will u do it?

what if theres so many things u hide, u just cant take the burden?

what if u cant control people because they knew ur dirty secret?

what if ur in the battle and u cant fight anymore?

what if ur making a mistake and not sorry?

so many questions. i got the answers but it was all wrong


is enough.

i cant stand this ridiculous thought that playing in mind.
right now.



go away.

let me rest for the whole day.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The late night show

i watched nip/tuck last nite. the episode was quite scary.
its about a psycho murderer who kidnapped the plastic surgery doctors.
i held my breath for few minutes watching the murderer forced the doctor to cut off his hand.
i cant watch such thing alone. when i watched Saw 5, i only last for 7 minutes, next i felt so dizzy and scared to death.

i met few psycho people. threat hing me, sending me warning sms, and alot of phone calls.
erm im not scared but it made me think. how mad people could be when they lose someone they love, esp women. thats why, they search for the reason and someone to blame.
i understand but still, it got limits. u cant continously attacking unguilty people just to satisfy ur need. this pathetic people is someone who cant handle the truth. cant face the real situation.
do all the stupid things just to make sure ur man is keeping under ur toes. but u cant do that. let him gets his own privacy, talk to him and discuss whats the best to do. dont follow him everywhere he goes, unless he wants u to. okay love?

but everything is okay now. most of them were my exbf gf. i dun blame them. i blame my exbf.
im already over it. so over it. i wont say much. im not going to reveal all the stories here.
lets keep it unsaid. one of the girl is my bestfriend now. thank u God. finally people can see the truth.

well, as for u.
can you handle the truth?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The caramel pudding

i made one today. yummy :D
the family will be coming over to dinner at my house.

im watching im not single now. i love lisa surihani, beauty with brain.
and attitude :)

i update my twitter and saw ashsinclair's update, saying that megan fox is actually a man.
yes, shes a he. but 'she' looks so sexy and hot. damn.
im confused to use she or he now.

btw, i heard new cases of H1N1 was in penang :(
i hope everything will be okay soon.
or it will ruin my plans.

if u know what i mean.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Would you eat a guinea pig?

guinea pig.
so cute and adorable, right?
i used to own two of them, but when i started went to college, my mum gave away
to neighbours and now im feeling like having them again.
they are so manja and easier to be taken care of, unlike rabbits and hamster.
im watching Bizarre food now. on travel n living channel, again :P
and the host is eating roasted guinea pig! can u believe it?
i googled some images. but i dun hve a heart to upload the photo here.
they are too adorable to be roasted.

look at them.
would u eat a guinea pig? :(

You know

you know ur in the right path when u feel no burden of doing it.

You Found Me

by the fray. this song is playing now on MTV

one week left and im back to college.
new house, new place, new school and new environment.

i got nothing to rant now. no topic. im blank.
oversleep 3 days in a row. yippie.
ym with hezri until 3am last nite.
i spend alot of time reading the star online.
i hate newspaper but hezri taught me to read something infomative
and now, i kinda like it.

she jumped and punched until the anger had drained.

i love blueberry tea. seriously, taste so yummy and smell so good.
i watched food paradise travel n living channel.
omg totally in love with the show.

gtg now.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Addiction


i totally in love with dior lipstick. it was so smooth and silky.
normally i wear lipbalm before apply the lipstick
but with this lipstick.
i dun hve to ;D

i always think that spending too much money on a lipstick is
such a waste of money. im more to handbags and perfume person.

but after tried this lipstick, god, im impressed. when u shows interest in the product, the salesgirl obviously will be so eager to put on the eyeshadow and blusher and whtsoever on ur face. to make u cant resist the things. n obviously u cant. :P

well, nope. im not going to buy it now. a lisptick, yes but the whole make up set. no, i will not. maybe i can get it for my birthday prezie. who knows right? hehe


Monday, June 8, 2009

The unreal vacation

im not going to pulau perhentian tomorrow.
my dad called and cancel the vacation :(

today is a mess too. waited 4 hours at the saloon.
im starving since didnt ate anything ths morning.
my first meal was at Mcd around 245pm :(
bole puase da.

next, the car meragam. the comp said, battery charge fault.
we can start the engine but cant move it. after heading to workshop,
abang ad pick us up.

its raining now, so im stuck at cik dah's house
ilove going out with k ada, like we always did before she got married
we went grooming, and spending time together, go shopping
had pillow talk before we slept. we tried out new recipes.
and we did alot of things together. shes like my sista
* im the only child in my family

now shes coming home alone for 4 days, because her hubby went to kl.
took the chance and we hang out like we used to.
mcm anak dare hehe.

okay, now shes calling me to ngumpat2 with her


The grooming day

and girls day out.

im going to fix my hair tomorrow. maybe cut it short? or re do the layers?
need a serious deep conditioning.

i'll be going out with k.ada tomorrow.
shes my cousin. married but dun hve any children yet
planned to go spa and saloon. get facial and massage.

i want to buy new ear ring. i already lost two of them.
owh and go have some korean food. yeayy33
i love it.

gtg now!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Hot day

today is a mess.

luckily, im going to pulau perhentian for getaway.
eventho for only one day,
im glad because at least i can get out from this mess.

the worst part is, i cant contact hezri for one day :(
i hope the reception there is good and at least we can make
phone calls.

okay. gtg, i need to prepare and go to my aunt house.
dinner there and shes making laksa penang.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The cupcakes

Ola people!

just came back from kenduriisss. went to 7 houses and
i was sweating like hell.

i came across my fav blog, wish to share ths with u.

When it comes to birthday party, i was particular about the cakes.
cakes obviously is a must and its a symbol of celebration

the first time i celebrated hezri's birthday was in 2007,
i planned a secret birthday party for him and
bought a blueberry cheesecake from strudel's.
glad he liked it

this year, he wanted to hv cupcakes for his birthday.
cuppies is the in thing now. but my only problem is
where am i going to find yummy and cute cupcakes in penang?

so i google hundred of online delivery cuppies. none attract my attention.
except for
their cupcakes were unique and very cute.
i heard alot of good review about it also.

so i fill the form and pick a theme and flava for my cuppies.
i choose couple in the garden. two dolls sitting on the grass with butterflies
and flowers. i sent her our photo so that she can made the dolls definitely
look like us hehe. for the flava, i choose chocolate chips.
she sent email about the price, it was rm150 and i asked her to reduce the
decoration, make it simpe as possible. said my budget was only below rm100
she agreed and the total was rm90.

On 14jan, we went to manila place, gurney plaza to pick up the cupcakes.
i was quite nervous, everything was done online.
but hezri loves it. so i was very very happy.
we had dinner on the ship, and exchange presents :)

the cupcakes taste so yummy and i love it.
if ur from penang, u can order cupcakes from the blog
and they offer delivery services too.

havva good day!


The Breakfast Club

Morning people.
*having sandwich and green tea

i feel quite sleepy today. slept late last night watching federer.
he won last nite game. woohoo. and hes gonna keep winning.

something got on my mind today.
i dun feel good.


Friday, June 5, 2009

The Healthy Life

Im watching the French Open now.
God, pls let Federer wins tonight

talking about healthy life.
im taking a good care of myself
i dun smoke, i dun drink and i dun do drugs.
i rarely go out at nights,
except with hezri's permission.
hezri is very very strict.
but i like it.
he love homey type of girl, stay at home wife. :)
hezri is family type of guy.
he wants me to dress up elegant and mature.
he observes every word i blurt.
my behavior and how i react to difficult situation.
he knows my friends, he approve my circle of friends.
he wants me to be a good girl :)

his routine questions,
"masak ape arini?"
really2 interested with my cooking activities.
even i cooked maggi goreng pon, he still find it interesting.
i ate nasik dagang for breakfast and he keep on asking me
to learn how to cook nasik dagang.
ssh laa abang. nk masak nasik dagang.
hezri's mom loves cooking too.
aish, ssh ni. nnt mak mertue judge.
she knew alot of kelantan recipe too, u know.
salute laa aunt!

hezri loves cooking too. i bet he more terer than me.
seriously. haha
i shud go and learn more.
wants to beat him!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Late Supper

i heard news about Bubba Gump, the curve.

i already visited the place once, never intended to revisit them.
but the review i read on the net make me think twice.

early this year, Hezri and i went to The Curve for dinner
and our plan was to dine at Bondi Beach. As we arrived there,
we saw that the restaurant was quite empty so we change our mind.
Next, saw the Bubba Gump and decided to try their meal.

we were so upset with the meal there.
maybe we chose the wrong menu.
bubba gump highlights their shrimp dishes
but we chose steak and barramundi
bad idea.

definitely will go there again and try out their shrimp :)
"stop, forrest, stop!"

Just cant stop

talking with hezri. :)

we spent alot of times talking about so many things.
sometimes we stayed up till wee in the morning
just to talk or sharing things.
saying nice things to each other.

and he keep on reminding why he loves me.
its nearly 2 years now, and we r still like this.
sometimes we fight
sometimes we yell at each other
but deep down we know
that we r deeply in love :)

today marsha and i are going to make carbonara fettucine for lunch.
and bake chocolate cake for tea.
marsha is my niece. she loves to eat and cook. she stayed at my house
for a week. * now is school holidays

cant wait for tomorrow :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not a good day

flu and running nose.

i wanna sleep and guling2 on my bed all day long.
off the laptop and the hp.
no one can kaco me today.
but obviously, my mum wont let that happens.
her anak dara having a good time is a no-no.

im going to my aunt's house, for dinner.

i dun wan any conversation today, cant i?
im just too tired to listen and think
im plain and blur.
im not in a good mood

Have u ever

sorry i del the previous entry.
i think im too honest and free to speak up my mind.
someone might get hurt.

i cant sleep with alot of anger inside of me.
huhu. i reactivate my facebook account.
well, have ever u feeling so left out.

and hurt?

because people keep on finding ur mistake,

i do.

but please contact me, if u ever feel the same.

because i cant find the solution yet.
maybe u can help me B)

Monday, June 1, 2009

3 posts in a day?

gosh. i do have lots of free time

huhu i talked with hezri just now.
how much i hate people who look down on others.

guess what?

he said, sometimes i did that too. :(
maybe i hvnt realized or noticed.
im sorry if i did looked down on u guys.
or hurt u.

i din realize that. and i'll try to improve myself.
i feel teribble and i hope others dun think that
im a terrible person. :(

The Peonies

lovely, aint it?
i love peonies.
but hardly find it in malaysia.
well. can i have peonies on my wedding day, abang?

if u notice that i also use peonies as a background photo on the header
of this blog. ;)

The Coffee.

Start with hot green tea to kick off the day.

halo to u. i have 2 more mondays at home.
i need reschedule my bed time.
i slept around 2am last nite and woke up 1130am plus2 this morning.
the result?
i feel sick and dizzy all day.
and i dun feel good. the kitchen is running out of coffee.
another bad news for me.
i normally start the day with coffee or green tea.
hezri knew this well, and he offers me coffee everytime we go out.
to keep me awake and active.

i love black n strong coffee, but hezri prefer white coffee and abit sweet.
i love frappucino epresso and he found it abit strong for him.
and he ordered mocha, but i think its kinda sweet for me.
*we always share our drinks*
finally, we find a drink that we both love.
iced latte, add up with caramel.
yeayy. hehe.
our problems is, we always share our things eventho
we were so diff with each other.
thats why we need to find something in common.

and we found alot actually.

owh i heard aleisa found her prince charming
thats good news
more people shud be in love


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