Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The meal timing

Halo peeps.

i was having a twitter session with my officially personal dietitian last night.
obviously i was practicing a real bad eating habit. shud stop it before its too late.
ive been skipping meal and torture my own body.
thank u to her, and cant wait to meet her on january to learn about the sit up exercises
to trim the tummy, i wanna reduce weights in 3 weeks, wanna look good on abang ad's wedding.
one more problem that i am sooo gonna hve is
i heard the rumors saying that the holiday starts on 14oct until 20 oct. but i already bought a return tickets on 16 oct and 19oct. what the heck am i going to do for 2 days at the college?
im not going to cancel the ticket, i do that everytime. mom dearest gonna kick my ass off.
i will try to call the flight centre and asks if i can change the date,
dunno how much its gonna costs me ths time :(

i heard the tremors attacked malaysia today. people in KL might feel the shaking. i had my evening nap, must be a real passed out,because i dun feel anything weirdo but the weather was horrible today, hezri told me that tsutnami also attacked the pacific ocean but alhamdullilah
it din reached Auckland. he feels abit worry because it was so near with his place but
i was worried too because the pacific tsunami warning centre sent a tsunami alert to indonesia, malaysia and thailand, and i am in PENANG, i wanna go home :(
i was kinda paranoid, think that the risks might be higher here.
but what we can do now is, just pray that everything will be okay. :)
till then


p/s: i am so paranoid, i let the staronline pages on, to read the updates.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Valentines dinner 09 @ Cava

halo people.

i went to Cava one week after the valentines to avoid the fight for reservation. and thank god we managed to get a table on a sunday night. it was so tough to find the place but hezri called the manager to get some help and direction, they advised us to find sk bandaraya to make things easier. and we arrived there on time :)

the place was so cozy and romantic,
i read some review saying that Daniel craig and Mel Gibson used to dine there too.
woo wee. must be a special place to visit then.

every table was provided by a candle in an unique case.

the valentines menu offer is rm 160+ per pax
but we decided to choose ala carte menu
before go thru to our meals,
i'll show u around :)

the complimentary olive oil with baguette

Pollo Relleno - rm35
spinach stuffed chicken breast with spaghetti in olive cream
the olive cream tasted so good and not too creamy.
and it left you asking for more.
Steak Grill Tenderloin - Rm 58
comes with mashed potato and fresh vege
hezri didnt really like his meal, the tenderloin was quite dry and lack of flavour,
and comes in a very small serving.
not suitable for a meat eater like him :P
here comes our dessert
i strongly recommend this
it was so yummmyyyyy

chocolate dream- RM 15
moist chocolate cake with melting chocolate inside.
served with lime custard.
forgive us for the blurry and out of focus photos.
i din get the chance to turn on the flash since we were disturbing other diners.
this is one of the great places to dine
good food
friendly staff
and nice view.


visit their website

71 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

phone number
03 - 2093 6637/016 – 305 3294.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The changes.

halo people, selamat eidulfitri :)

its a bit late for me to wish that, but its better late than never roight?
this year eid, im more into family thing. normally i wud spend my time focusing on sms
and begayut on the phone for hours and hours during the festive, enjoying the low rates offer.
but this year it was diff, i thot that i better spend it with the family and join everything since i realized theres not much time left. going to settle down soon and hv my own familia.
i think that i shud spend the time as anak dara to the fullest :)
sounds like i already got plans ahead right? hehe
actually i really did. :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ice cream

i was once seriously addicted with baskin robbins, i went to baskin robbins almost every weekend and spend time there like no one cares. why baskin?
because they offer 31% diskaun on 31st every month and they also offer alot of different and unique flava. and lucky me, i share my passion with my bestfriend, booya.
i prefer my ice cream to be just ice cream, no waffle no syrup no caramel.
and i always go for vanilla ice cream. fasting month is really tough.
why dont we treat ourselves with these photos? :)
this is quite similar with vanilla sundae at TGIF

who can resist ths heaven feeling in ur mouth?

selamat berbuka! :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Breakfast

halo people.

why breakfast? because we are in the fasting month, i miss my breakfast :(
hezri hate breakfast but i always forced him to come with.
but no matter how much complain he made,
he always ate more than i did :D

hezri love to have juices on his morning. orange juice or mineral water, but i love to have it all,
i'll go for coffee first, then orange juice and maybe milk after that. haha.
hezri love buns and butter. i prefer to hve everything in a small amount. because i get bored
easily when focus on the same meal.

i cant wait for him to come back to Malaysia and we will have breakfast like we always did.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The mobile

its only 914pm but i feel sleepy like hell,
maybe because hezri is not there, his place got some wi fi trouble.
my mobile seriouly in a critical condition, i hardly read the sms because the
screen keep on moving upside down.
the beginning of the problem was, i changed the screen because
it wasnt so clear for rm100. then it was fine at first, next the images on the screen
keep on moving upside down.
aish. i need to ketok2 first, then it'll return to normal again.
maybe tomorrow i'll be going to the same shop to complain.

i checked hezri's email just now and alhamdullilah, there's an email
frm the company he applied for internship. they responded positively and
i hope he will make it work with the internship program, just like he always did
with the other things :)
till then,
need to finish my report for ELS.
btw, im going to meet the institute director tomorrow.
wish me luck and pray that he will approve my proposal without any
negative comments hehe

yawn ( for almost thousand times)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

If Only

im watching a movie, if only starring jennifor love hewitt and that guyfrom the mummy movie.
i dunno his name.

it really makes me think. this story really encouraging u to appreciate ur other half bettter.
if u knew that today wud be the last day on earth for ur partner,
why u wud do?

well, for me, i rather sit and doing nothing with him.
talking and sharing things. learn more about him because
i wud love to remember him for the rest of my life.
taking alot videos and photos of him. cherish every single moment that we had together,
telling him i love u as much i can,
saying sorry for all the wrong doings
go thru our old photos
sing a song for him, making funny faces to make him laugh
telling him why i love him so much
thank him for the love he gives
for the feeling that he taught me to feel
for all the memories, for taking care of me
for changing me to be a better person, for guiding
for the happiness
let him know that he's the best bf i ever had,
convince him that im here for him,
tell him that i'll be allright,
dun worry, i'll be strong because he still will be here

so many things to do right?

lets start today because we'll never knw whats going to happen
tomorrow ;)

selamat berbuka~

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Baju Raya

hello people.

sorry for not updating much, been so busy and slow internet connection stopped me from blogging.
i only get the chance to update my activities on twitter. so follow me on twitter @ayyahenrietta
my preparation for hari raya this year din went so well, since my mum is sick now and im at penang so no one at home can help her. dad? pfffft. hehe. to be true, i have no baju raya.
sad sad sad. the bffs ask me, hows my raya this year. i said that i was worried about what to cook on the first day of raya. maybe i'll prepare a simple meal, rendang with nasik himpit only.or persuade the aunts to organize a potluck. i ordered around 4 type of cookies already.
so xdelaa nmpk empty je nnt kn? what else ye. all the cushion cover and curtain, i'll deal with them once i reach home soon.

i have a very interesting reflection session with my eng lecturer just now. she was so positive u know. she advice us and gave opinion that makes us think twice before quit teaching.
u see that alot of people, send their children to tuition in order to get high marks and score their exam. but did they really learning?
or they just follow and learn everything from the book?
or they seriously smart and can apply what they learned in real life situation?

just think about that.

till then.

Selamat Ramadhan and selamat beramal!


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