Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Al Marjan @ KLCC

On one saturday afternoon, we were hanging around klcc and dont know what to do.
it was our very first trip to klcc TOGETHER :)
its time for lunch and hezri decided to dine at al marjan. i think i shud give arabian food a chance
but with one condition. no buffet! just ala carte. im not very comfortable with arabian food, esp with lot of spices in their cooking.

when we arrived at the cafe, the waiter/manager ( i dun know what position he is in) approached us. we said that we only want to dine for al carte. he said okay, but he insisted to show us buffet menu, and said "only rm46 for u sir, and u rm24 for children rate" i was shocked. are u sure u wanna give to me the chidren rate? children as 6-12 years old? do i look like one?
but we agree! haha that chance wont come alot right?

start with wild mushroom soup and some cookies.
i love the cookies but not the soup.
it tasted so weird. i cant even take a sip.

the dessert.
it taste like dadih. i love it :) except when hezri said, it was made from goat milk.
i cant finish it :(

the dishes were around 10-18 choices. i cant remember it. they are alot.
they got kebab, chicken and lamb stew, grilled chicken,chicken in walnut sauce, lebanese bread
briyani rice, saffron rice, fish n chips, salad corner, fruit corner, soup corner
dessert corner.
arabian food were okay but i cant eat alot on them.
go and try it :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The fabulous light


i had one thought on my mind last night,

i was out with my roomate and we went to gurney plaza. cny sales are still on,

and clap2 for myself, for the first time in a very long time, i din buy anything.


but the question is, eventho ur older and wiser,

do u must only buy something that u need? something important?

but i must say that,

i feel good esp when i get something for myself.

a perfume. a pair of good shoes.

or outfits.

stunning handbags. i wont be wearing them alot.

but i feel good having them :)

and after a long tiring day,

u shud get something for urself.

and on birthday,

u shud give urself a present.

and this year, i din get anything for myself.

i shud start looking now :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cake for Breakfast.

halo people.
morning, i went to zaity place yesterday. we did some catching up and all.
and i realized how much i miss her :(
cant wait to meet dynat soon.
i miss laughing with her. eventho most of her jokes involve my stupidness.
I borrowed sex n the city series, season 1-7 frm ayuni and spent most of my time
watching it. :(
i hv to return the dvds to ayuni TODAY. if the dvds still in front of my eyes,
it'll be no work and all play good times.
and u knw, how much i love the good times.
i hope i can settle all the errands today and pack my bag asap.
going back to kelantan ths friday for cny holidays.
this is one of the reasons why i love msia. we'll be celebrating all the raya.
hehe. and also all the holidays.
but im not sure, which time is the most suitable to start moving,
i planned to go back around 12am or 2 am. to avoid jam tart.
but my roomate said, it wud be very dangerous, since all the lorries and trucks
will conquer the road.
maybe, i'll go at 5 and subuh at kulim etc.
we'll see.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the accident

i was jogging yesterday and i got hit by a car :(
its not a serious accident, but still.
the driver stopped immediately and rushed out to help me.
the side mirror hit my right arm and i fell on the road.
luckily, it was in the college compound and the car wasnt too fast.
i din felt any pain but more to shock.
the driver keep on saying sorry. (probably one of my junior, i din recognize his face)
but i said. i was fine. dun worry.
it was my fault too. i was in the wrong lane and i was listening to the ipod.
and blast the volume to the fullest. i din see its coming.

so thats all.
owh btw im using schools wifi hehe
to update my blog.



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