Sunday, May 31, 2009


my mum accidentally splashed the water from jug,
on the table
where my lappy and hp were there.
i quickly grabbed the hp and saw the wallpaper becoming blurry and blue.
i took out the battery and dry up the components inside.
aish, i dun want to change the hp, agaiin.

next i took some tissues and cleaned the lappy.
my dad, as cool as he always is, said
ya, tepi sket ya, nk tgk federer nii. critical nii.
okay, wutever~
ttp tv tu bru tau.

aish, lets pray that my hp will still be in the good condition

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Words

that coming out from ur mouth.

i was quite sensitive with the words that i blurt.
except with my bff, but still i wasnt feeling so comfortable
using too harsh words.
its not suitable for the girls to use rude words in public
or while dealing with other people.
maybe they'll say,
laaa, suke ati laa. bukan org knal pon kn
but u shud be ashamed of urself

the way ur talking, shows ur personality.
the way ur talking, reflect who u are.
and people dun respect someone who mouthful with the eff words.

i heard two girls chatting, using really2 rude words.
and i looked at them, they dressed up nice and elegant.
but sorry girls. i put u in the lowest level of the society
or maybe
when u grow up soon. u'll understand what i mean.

so careful with anything u speak up,
someone might be listening to it,
and judge u.

just like i did

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beginning of a Love Story

alot of people ask, how i met hezri? haha i got really2 tired to answer the same questions,
but i do love to story about us.

well, how i met hezri, its too complicated to tell. huhu but our first REAL date was at pavillion.
i mean, going out alone without friends. but it was nothing at first.

the next day, hezri asked to take me out for dinner. he insisted to blanje me for my birthday
at a secret restaurant. huhu but i already promised my stf friends to meet them at midvalley and lunch together. so hezri came to pick me up there, quite late.

i was quite nervous and pushing him to tell me where he was going to take me to.
then we ended up at Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar.
i was laughing when he told me, he chose the place because it was my 'hometown'
*i put it up on my friendster details.
he gave me a very enchanting necklace for my birthday present.
the pendant was so beautiful. i really2 love it.
i really excited to wear it, i even took out my own necklace huhu
i know he spent alot of times surveying about my birthday present.
i love it. thank u abang~
and what a nite, we spent the times talking and knowing each other better.

the next day, hezri took me to putrajaya, we hve a walk at the park there
during the noon. hahaha. it was 12pm i think.
i was sweating like hell. and hezri seemed so panicked when he saw
my face turned red. i told him, i cant stand the heat.
he quickly brought me back to the car, handed me tissues and all.
and keep on giving me mineral water.
huhu u took care of me well dear.
next we went to dine at secret recipe
and comments about the food there.
i started to realize that both of us have passion
for the food.

well, that was all for today.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the mothers and the families

what if the mother is more screw up than the daughter?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Focus on Good Living

Good living for me is when i have:

1. good food plus reasonable price accompany with good people
2. new spots to dine, could be fine dining place or some hawker food.
3. fluffy bed, neat and tidy room (which i never had)
4. enough sleep.
5. do and spare more time on charity works
( i'll get my own car soon, maybe i can continue my unfinished bussiness)
6. good result, easier exam, and productive lecturer
7. a black berry or iphone.
8. at least 5 designer bags. ( hezri, take note haha)
9. the bffs ( bOoya, adah and ajah) plus the family with me
10. Hezri back to malaysia :)
and the list goes on
well, this is mine
whats yours?
gimme ten
i know people are very busy with finals and all
but still
i wanna tag u!
1. diana enkobi
2. aleisa
3. farhana hanum
4. Dayah Ipsah
5. Puteri Syurga
and YoU!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye

im watching greys anatomy season finale.
aargh hate it, hate it. why must the director left it hanging?

i finished my exam today.
( major only, but i considered its over, eventho i got 2 more minor papers tomorrow)

this mornin, around 725am, shazlin gave me a call, eagerly asking me
are u free today?! jom kua!
hahah babe. i got algebra paper on 830am and ur asking me to go out with u?!
but i really really want to meet her. last time i saw her, when we were receivin our
spm result, in stf. * i miss stf people. we shud meet more often

on wednesday i plan to go out with the bffs, and maybe aida will be coming too.
she finish her class at 4pm, she ym me last nite, hoping that we could meet
before the semester over.
im craving for ribs @ tony romas :(
but Penang dun hve any outlet.
sad sad sad.

i think we'll heading to MFM ths wednesday since it was our fav spot everytime
hang out at queensbay.
follow me on twitter,
i'll tell u everywhere i go!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


We don’t like it, we fear it, but we can't stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But heres the truth:

the more things change, the more they stay the same.
And sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good.
Oh, sometimes,

change is ... everything

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Funeral

for those who havent seen it yet.

here's a link for you.
click and watch it. u'll never regret, and u can thanx me later huhu

i found ths video on aleisa's blog.

the next thing i knew was, i spent all the nite talking with my other half
about love, life and death.
and his imperfection that made me fell for him.
all the small things that made me love him
every single thing
that made me feel, yes, hes the one for me

i know it is so hard to find ur soulmate
i waited for 5 years to find right one
ive been dumped 3 times
ive been thru hard times.
believe me. when i say i understand
because i used to cry myself to sleep for 8months

and i hope u also will find someone who feels the same
who wud share ur joy and pain
who complete u
who wait for u everyday
who say the right words everytime things go wrong
who love ur imperfections
who love u the way u are

just like what i feel for hezri :)

Lion Fight

Im in the lion fight. just because i didnt win.
doesnt mean i dunno how to roar. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Blair?

queen B is my fav role in gossip girl series.

look! so pretty right?
cakap pweeetyy cepat!

season 2 finale was awesome. finally chuck and blair are finally together!
hooray! cant wait for the next season.

or shud i say seasonsssss?

back to the story. there r loads of people in there, serena, dan, jenny
chuck, nate n lily? hehe but why blair?

okay. i love blair because she is someone im not.
she is mean. n strong
beautiful, elegant, rich and powerful
shes a good friend
shes in control and get everythng she wants
and shes cute, pretty n brunette.
she knows how to dress up ( maybe the credit goes to the fashion designer in the series)
okay enuff.

those are the reasons why i love blair waldorf.
im inspired by her ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being sick :(

halo people

i was having diarrhea and vomitting non stop since sunday
until today, but at least i feel better now.

adah and i was sent to general hosp penang on monday
because dehydrated, but her condition was worse than mine
i was discharged after 2 hours treatment.
but adah hve to stay for 7 hours. pity her.

i cant slept for these past few days.
keep on running to the toilet from 3am untl 7 or 8am
hezri was so worried, i cried everytime he called.
which is 1834 times per day.
i know u waste lots of money for that long distance calls
thank u abang :) i love u munch.

well, im okay now. not 100 % yet but okaylaa.
thank u sui kim for giving me that chinese herbs medicine
it tasted yucks but i think it works.

thanx to ikah n ayuni for clean up my room and send me to hosp
(i threw up in my own room okay)
asyroq and ibrahim, for being the drivers

booya ajah and kmizah for taking care of me.
yelling at me to hve my meal and remindin me to take my medicine
for the massage, staying up late and the black tea
thank u
thank u

and for my hezri. thank u for be there for me
support me
and comfort thru the hard times

without u.
im nothing
xoxo ;p

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels & Demons

this movie was superb! 2 thumbs up. gotta watch it now or u'll regret forever haha

just watched it with aida and her friend. see? i hang out with them everyweekend now.

on friday we went karaokee @ gurney plaza, from 8pm until 3am.

i nvr knew doctors can hv such fun. i thot they were robots ;P

sleepover@ aida's place and maybe my friends worried about me for a reason

well, i'll try to decrease my activities soon.

i'll try to return home before 12. okay love?

i wud like to share about an article i read. its about a shark attacked,

a man had been attacked by a white shark while he went surfing at the beach.

no, its not the main point.

the point is, the man was saved by a bunch of dolphins.

can u believe it?

thats the reason why i love little dolphins
they are so cute!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanx and Bye2 Biatch

a friend of mine. (no, shes not really my friend) we happen to be in the same area during the practicum. she asked to be my housemate and i got transport, n she dun. so i was willing to help her, said i can take her to the mall to buy food and stuff so dun worry about that. she really2 worried because her school was not the same as mine. she wants to discuss about work, complained that she'll be alone during weekends, bla bla. i felt pity for her so i offered to bring her with wherever i go. the next thing i knew was shes telling my other housemates, alot of bad things about me. not only me, she attacked booya also. (booya is my best friend)

my housemates were so confused so they play nice to her and at the same time judge us. last nite, all of them confront me and telling me everything about 'her behavior'
they cant stand her potpet mouth and spreading bad things around. i was so shocked. i nvr realized that. i seriously honestly, thought that she was a nice person.
well, the truth is out. what more can i say?

i kicked her from my house. i dun care about her anymore
and bye2.

i was trying to help her and look what she did to me.
revenge is sweet, but
my mum taught me better than that
no i wont harm u

thanx to my housemates.
ur such a good and wiser friends. din judge people based on the rumours.
glad that i knw u :)

and u,
thanx and bye2 biatch

eh did i just posted a serious entry again.
sorry aleisa.
next time ok? huhu

Thursday, May 14, 2009


my bffs were quit concern about my new circle of friends. they were obviously worried that my new friends will distract me from the right path since i spent alot of times with them lately.
well, dun be worry hun. u guys still my no 1 friends. no one can beats that.
im having fun with them tho. celebrating aida's birthday @ Tgif and the next day playing masak2 @ seoul garden. i only went to aida 's house once, for sleepover. and thats all.

they are docs, they dun do stupid things. din prank people. they are smart n mature people.
i love being around smart people, i can learn alot of things from them. i stayed up until 6am during the sleepover because aida storied about the human body. the cure, her patient and lots of things. no, we are no nerd. but honestly i think this whole thing is quite interesting. u can know about the disease without reading.

tomorrow, aida invited me to join the karaokee session. im not sure either to go or not.
the exam week is calling, supposed to be, 'work time no play'
but i'll think about it.

im gonna staying up late tonight to do revision. i mean real LATE.
thank god i got a best friend to keep me awake
[cups of black n strong coffee]

or maybe u wanna join me? :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Call

i called hezri's mum just now.
we were talking and gossiping for about an hour
then she went to play badminton with hezri's sis.
feel good everytime i talk to her
both of us mulut murai, so we just cant stop talking

i google about the school
thank god, they hve a blog.
hezri helped me out, survey the place thru google earth
i feel better now
i hope i can find a house asap
cant stand the pressure anymore.
i need to do alot of things
since the holidays and final exam is coming up

did i mention the holiday
bfore the exam?

New School Reveal

the list out today

*sigh. i got sk bukit tambun and i hve no idea where it is.
the practicum starts on 29th june. which means, next month??
are u kidding mee?
i need to find a house to rent.
aaa. damn.
what am i gonna do in a month?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halo world~

halo to u.

a friend of mine suggested to public my blog for some reasons.
and i keep on thinking about that since im a mysterious person (boo hoo~)
plus my eng wasnt so good
but i think its such a good idea
i can express my feeling
and share opinion.
the best thing to do is creating a new one
a new blog

at the same time, im quite worried to maintain my blogs
since i got urm, 3 of them?
no, i wont public them.
so stop requesting nonsense things ;)

well, till then
the blog is starting tomorrow


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