Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cheese Baked Meatballs Recipe

kt umah aritu, rase nak makan cheese baked meatballs.
bkk fridge, grab je ape yg ade.
ni resepi orang bujang.
kalo ade resepi meatballs lg menarik.
sile share :)
bawang merah + bawang putih.
pasta sauce ( kalo jumpa brand heinz, lagi sedap)
and oregano ground

green peppers

daging/ayam cincang.
i blend je isi die. make sure lemak2 tu buang dlu ye

mule2 perap minced beef ngan oregano ground, satu sudu kecil olive oil
and secubit garam halus.
perap sekejap.

tumis bawang putih, then bawang besar.

masukkan green peppers
and sauce

kalau ade mushroom and tomato (potong dadu, buang biji)
boleh jugak masukkan.
make sure kuah die jadi pekat. sbb bile baked nnt, die akan
mencair sket. xmenarik laa food korang nnt, kuah cair2 kn?

shredded cheese gaul dengan daging yang perap td

sekarang, bulat2 kan daging tadi supaya jadi bentuk meatballs.
before masuk dalam loyang/tupperware/mangkuk yang mesra dgn microwave
make sure sapu dulu permukaan dengan marjerin/butter
so meatballs korang xmelekat nanti

then, tuang sauce tadi atas meatballs

boleh jugak tabur cheese atas dia tapi ibu ku kurang gemar cheese,
so i reduce penggunaan nya.

then, bake dalam oven or microwave for 30min to 40 min.
jangan terlalu lama, nanti meatballs tu kering sangat.


makan dengan spaghetti.
kalah meatballs ikea.

selamat mencuba.

chef wan ayya

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cerita Ramadhan

baru je balik from sahur. tros bukak laptop sbb nk update psal peristiwa td.

Lepas sahur kt kfc sungai dua,pegi 7eleven jap, beli air mineral. i ngan buya minum laa dalam kereta.takot sampai hostel nanti da subuh, time tu pukul 530am. then ade lori sampah berhenti tepi jalan. kt opposite road (main road). sile rujuk gambarajah.
yang kaler ijau tu kitorg laa kaler biru tu lori sampah. tgh2 tu longkang. then sambil borak n minum tu, nmpk pekerja die turun. ingtkan nk amek sampah, tp dorang sume turun, bentangkan tikar then bwk turun food. cm bekas2 tupperware. nmpk kaler koko kt tepi lori tu, konon2 tikar laa tu. haa cm ni laa lebey kurang.

then, dorang duduk n baca doa. i rase mesti nak sahur. i tros start engine kete and balik. sedey nye bile tgk. and i asked stupid question to buya, bole ker dorg mkn tepi lori sampah, xbusuk ker? (T_T) mesti lah da biase kan.

tapi still, kesian nye, it makes me think. how lucky i am. ade orang yang keje ssh2, nk mkn pon xsmpat. kalo kite,siap pk2 lagi, esok buke kt mane ye. luse nk sahur kt mane ye. kdg2 beli food kt bazaar ramadhan, sampai buang2 sebab xhabis. alhamdullilah, thats not me. i jarang gile beli banyak2 kt bazaar ramadhan. biase beli nasik and air je. kuih jarang skali. kalo beli pon, satu jenis je per day :) cute x? terima kasih.

moral of the story, bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada.


selamat pagi semua

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh happy day!

im so very happy today :)
know why?

i'll tell tomorrow :D

gedik x? haha



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Looking out for the best steak in town?

then start your engine and heading to solaris mont kiara now!

At first i was planning to fill my stomach with their sirloin but the staff informed us that

they were all sold out. the only cuts left are only fillet and brontosaurous ( the name scared us, like eating a dinosour :P)

too bad we arrived quite late, around 9pm on the weekends.

must come early next time!

Beef fillet (220g) rm59, we opt for well done. served with wedges, steamed veges and mustard sauce.
after the first bite, u'll be falling in love.

the beef was so juicy and tender.


complimentary dessert from the manager of meatworks.


because he thinks im cute. LOL



plus. do u knw meatworks is a malaysian restaurant?

if im not mistaken, the restaurant is included in rmk9 programme.

they can easily beat chilis and TGIF!


official meatworks page :

Monday, August 23, 2010

He is not a bad guy..

hello people.

i received alot of supportive words/sms etc from friends who knew about my break up.
thank u. thank u. it helped alot. but i want to make it clear because some of you might get the wrong idea abt the reasons why we broke up,

1st, of course i xkan reveal the real reasons, no point kn. just i ade received sms mcm.
"chill ayya, laki mmg cmtu. ko still ade kawan2 kn."
"ramai lagi laki baik dlm dunie. u'll find one soon"

my relationship with him ended bkn sbb who cheated on who.
if i want to move on, im not going to dedicate 'i will survive' or 'fighter' kind of song, its more to 'tatoo' by jordin sparks. melalut sgt ker aku ni :(

okay, bahasa mudah, hes not a bad guy. we broke up sbb ade masalah yang xdpt dielakkan here an there. but still i cant deny that he is actually a decent person.
because i knew him. and i must say, the girl after me,
wud be very lucky to have him.
we've been together for 3 years, and he left the biggest effect on me.
good effect, not the bad one.

and i want to remember him as a nice person and cherish all the good memories
that we had together.
bkannye remember him as a person who put me in so much pain n suffer. huhu
so harap nye sumeran paham.

ssh nk explain in every sms to sumeran, so i hope
this entry clear the fog hehe

selamat malam semua :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enough is enough

selamat pagi readers,

Eee i cant stand reading my own blog cm org putus cinta, (even mmg putus cinta tp xnak ngaku)
please welcome the positive spirits in. fuhh fuhh.

please forgive me if i turn this blog into a punchbag, i da lame xsingle. seriously.
i mean, after broke up with 1st bf, i was seeing someone else tros. xpnah single n
totally alone. this is the first time,so please please forgive me if i update emo fb status or blog post. kalo xleh maafkan skang, tolong maafkan time raye nnt ok?

i believe people moving on in their own ways. just let me take all the time that i need.
its not gonna be easy. even bru a few hours pon i feel it eating me from inside.
tp this the ugly truth that i need to swallow.

yes, i can handle the truth.

no matter how hurtful or hard the situation is,
its better to have someone. and in my case im turning to my super girlfriends.
please babysitting me, preetyyy please?

i need to admit i rase fragile sgt skang,
few wrong words coming out, i might burst into tears.
so i just need to keep the positive energy alive
and moving on..

hopefully, in a fastest way :)


PS: qiammulail pagi esok jangan lupe. kul 3am kt surau IPG

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the last goodbye

i always wanted to work it out with hezri.
we had a talk, dscussing our problems and obviously most of time,
we cant find the solutions.
we ended up hurting each other.

slh satu my limit, i xbole accept if orang perli2 i.
if u had something to say
just say it right to my face
jangan perli2.
and tonight he really crossed the line.
i just want to talk.
and solve everything. i tried to remain calm but obviously i failed
when he keep on hurting me with his words

so guys, my advice to u is
ur gf sure ade their weakness point
and please dun come near it.
eventho ur fighting yelling with each other ke
tu je laa kot

continue tomorrow!

You're not sorry

all this time i was wasting
hoping you would come around
i've been giving out chances every time
and all u do is let me down
and its taken me this long, baby
but ive figured u out
and ur thinking we'll be fine again
but not this time around

you dun hv to call anymore
i wont pick up the phone
this is the last straw
dun want to hurt anymore
and you can tell me that youre sorry
but i dun believe u baby
like i did before
youre not sorry

looking so innocent i might believe you
if i din know
could have loved you all my life
if u hadnt left me waiting in the cold
and youve got ur share of secrets
and im tired of being the last to know
and now ur asking me to listen
cause it worked each time before

u had me crawling for ur honey
and it never would have gone away
you used to shine so bright
but i watched all of it fade

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

7th Ramadhan 2010

hello people.

just came back from surau. ngantok btol arini, i nearly fell asleep kt masjid td.
tp bile da balik bilik, xbole tdo plak. i read frm someone's status on fb today,
he said, if u think every thing surround u is slowing down, maybe that is life telling u,
ur moving too fast.

huhu, yeke? am i moving too fast? mmg lately i rase sume pon slowing down. nothing new.
sume old routine. lifes too short to be wasted.

tdo meh?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

safe journey to me!

currently on the bus heading back to rumah saye! Hehe

sorry peeps, im so happy i cant help it. I forgot to bring back my
ipod charger and its dead da. Aish. So bored. I cant sleep because i
cant wait to go home. Planning to bake a cake for daddy's birthday (he
loves homemade cake! ) and all the cousins pon sume coming home too!
Yeay! Mlm ni hujan lebat, doakan i sampai rumah ngan selamat ye.

Bye! Ta!

1st ramadhan


wee hoo wee hooo weee hoo. hehe ponteng kelas satu hari esok :P cannot tahan laa.
i was a bit down for the last few days and i think i cant wait until friday. kalo ikot kan perasaan
from last tuesday lagi da balik hehe
sape2 yang nak mkn sedap2, sile datang berbuka kt rumah saye :)

my dad birthday is coming up, this sunday. already bought a wallet for him. hope hes gonna like it :) the wallet costs a bomb so i asked mum to share it, ( jimat duit eheh) and she said tamau!. then demanding a handbag for her birthday next year (T_T) lari topik sudah.

im so happy today and keep on dancing in the room. tiru super junior dance lagu sorry sorry.
okay la. mau pegi bazaar and buy for berbuka. till then.


selamat berbuka yall :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

confession part 1

remember when i said, i had a bad news?

well. i hv both. lets start with the bad one first. sometimes, i cant stop whats coming out frm my mouth and this time i crossed the line. and it was so hard to fix it because the 'cold war' had been going on for the last few weeks, months, i cant remember the last time we actually had a proper talk. there are flaws here and there in our relationship and both of us feeling so tired to fight.
and i think now its official. and i dun want to say it out loud. u shud know.
its not easy to move on after what uve been thru together for 3 years.
obviously im lying when i said, im okay and not gonna cry. :P
and the more i remind myself, "it is all right ayya, everything will be fine" the more i wanna cry.
but we girls gotta be strong aight?

then, the good news is im going to dissappear for a few days. nottttt. im just planning for a short vacation, and one of my buddy wanted to come along. at first i wanna get out from malaysia, and i settled everything, passport etc this evening. but then it striked me, how far u wanna go to heal ur heart? and the cost must be high ( last minute vacation kott)
then, i think i wanna go somewhere near. cheaper and the most important, it is safe.

thats it for now. its 233am,
better sleep now :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan :)

Happy fasting to all muslims :)

xoxo :)

It is official today

its not a good news.
its a bad one.

im not gonna talk about it today,
not in the mood to talk about it.

maybe tomorrow. when everything is okay and calm.



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