Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wondermilk Cafe Uptown

salam all,

my sunday morning started with 4 cuppies and 1 large iced cappucino :)

i had terrible experience with cupcakes three years ago. masa my mum datang KL, she went to The Curve and borong cupcakes at Cupcake Chic, 2 large boxes with different flavours . the taste? errkkkk... tapi she forced me to finish it anyway :(

since then, cupcakes officially are not my favourite dessert.

last sunday, i insisted to go to 'a slice of heaven' at Jaya One. i was skipping happily, imagine self surrounded with delicious desserts.

then it strucked me.. this is not JAYA ONE! THIS IS JAYA33! Mr. H brought me to JAYA33 instead of JAYA ONE. and without feeling guilty, he asked, " aik? bukan jaya33 ker kedai tu?"

sebab nak pujuk orang merajuk ngidam kek punya pasal, mr. h brought me here, wondermilk cafe uptown. takpe lah, try je lah.
red velvet cupcake rm4.50

lurveeeee this. fluffy, moist and not too sweet.

very very chocolate rm4.50

taste very very normal.

John Lemon Rm4.50

the cupcake is dry and too sweet for my liking. skip!

Blueberry cheese rm4.50

i love this! who doesnt love blueberry cheese anyway

4 cuppies and 1 iced cappucino costs rm25.

for red velvet and bluebberry cheesecake, yes i'll come back.

xoxo :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carnaval Churrascaria @ Damansara Jaya

map source : google

I know this restaurant from miss Tourism Selangor, she insisted that i should try the buffet.

Hezri and I memang meatlover, so we decided to give it a try.

this is our second visit anyway :)

Carnaval Churrascaria ni brazilian steak buffet. bukan macam buffet yang you all selalu pergi, semua food dah ada dalam tray and ambil lah berapa banyak korang nak.

kat sini, ada waiter yang akan ada serve meja korang with different cuts of meat/ lamb.

tapi the salad bar memang always available. and for me, sangat berbaloi pergi buffet ni sebab kalau korang makan steak, one serving dah costs RM50 + kan? kalau pergi sini, makan lah banyak mana pun boleh.

to be honest, pillihan memang tak banyak kat sini. tapi semua sedap! macam kt buffet lain, ada yang sedap, ada yang tak sedap. tapi bila makan sini, i tried semua food, semua thumbs up!

the manager advice is, u rasa semua food or cuts yang waiter served. first round get a taste of everything. then second round baru decide yang mana u suka and u want more. ok?

and jangan risau, kat sini semua halal. the manager said, the restaurant owner is a malay, dunno lah is it true or not :)

salad bar, coleslaw, cold pasta. tomato, lettuce, potato salad.

ada wedges, ada vege, stir fried beans, ada oxtail soup, ada kidney bean with beef, super delicious ok.

daging ni sangat lembut and flavourful

i paling suka tempura terung ni. sedap. crunchy

first round, ada waiter datang and tanya, " garlic beef, miss?" then dia letak dalam plate kita.

mint leaves with vinegar, drop sikit atas beef to reduce saltiness and takde lah muak sangat nanti bila makan banyak daging.

bell peppers and onions.

grilled shrimps. fresh fresh and fresh!

grilled chicken sausage, Hezri had about 4 of these.

that was how the waiter came around and served you.

dia akan datang sambil bawak macam-macam jenis food and asked you,

"lamb shoulder, sir?"

"grilled pineapple, sir?"

then kalau angguk, dia akan put a few slices. kalau say no, dia akan move to another table.
bila camni, apa yang u makan, baru grilled and panas-panas lagi :D

the waiter akan keep coming and coming and coming, until u say no. so dont worry. food memang always ada. this way, bila makan rasa lagi lepak and tenang.

i liked it medium done. sebab juicy and lembut. nyumm!

lamb shoulder

garlic beef again!

tatau berapa round i makan garlic beef tu sebab sedap sangat.

pineapple grilled. mesti rasa yang ni, quite good jugak. cuba makan dengan chicken ham. sedap!

garlic bread. fresh from oven!

grilled chicken.


i tatau berapa round i makan, tapi sangat banyak. malam tu, ada chicken ham, lamb, beef steak, sausages, garlic bread, shrimp, grilled fish and chicken. kalau compared dengan buffet lain, memang pilihan kat sini tak banyak. tapi puas hati makan sebab semua food sedap :)

peminat steak wajib visit this restaurant.

RM56 per pax exclude drinks.

warm/cold water charged rm1.20 per pax (refill)

Carnaval Churrasia

77 jalan ss22/19

Damansara Jaya

( behind Atria Shopping Complex, near to KDU college)

phone number : 03-77252252.

xoxo :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

2# Random Facts About Ayya Henrietta

salam all,

#2 random fact : I am a CHEERFUL person.

u can ask my friends, my family, my bestfriends, ok, u can ask anyone who already met me.

i tak boleh bersedih for long. contohnya something bad happen in the morning, petang tu i'll be running here and there act like nothing happen. i dunno why but i work that way.

i guess i have excessive amount of happy genes in my body :)

but that is a good thing right?

happy friday!

xoxo :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rainbow Cake

salam all,

the most anticipated event of the year and i forgot to bring my camera! ARGH!

last weekend, i surprised hezri with a small graduation party, i invited his bestfriend, his officemates and of course my girlfriends. We met at vanilla place, empire subang for lunch ( am gonna put up their food review next week)

AND ABOUT THE RAINBOW CAKE! im so excited about the cake :D i ordered it 3 months before the actual date! haha

Order it from BITE ME! blog

the cake tasted too sweet for my liking.

put it in the fridge for one day then it will taste better.

photo source : Amir's blackberry

photo source : Miss Diana Enkobi

one whole cake with macaroons on it costs me RM105.

xoxo :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For a friend #2

salam all,

i guess all of you know that my friend, H is sick. i tak pernah menangis lagi since i know about the news. maybe sebab i dont know what i should feel. and i rasa i takde hak nak menangis.
then last night, my bf went to visit him. H told him how sorry he was for everything he did to us. and what he did to me. last night also, i failed. i cried myself to sleep..

salah seorang kawan H called me few weeks ago, inform H sakit, and do you know what i think? i think, "we broke up, its not my problem anymore but i wish him well"
selfish and mean. seriously selfish and mean.

then i received more calls from his friends. so i give in. i called H. he was calm. that was before he knew he had SLE.

and now, im sitting in front of this lappy, thinking what should i write.. for hours. so many things to say, so many things to apologize.

i regret for being a mean selfish ayya. i am not usually like that.

i need to clear my head. ta!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For a friend.

salam all,

Not a good week for all of us.

one my friend was diagnosed with SLE. i know it for quiet sometime. but scared to blurt it out until the result is confirm. and now the cat is out of the bag.

when he told me about the syptoms he was having, i couldnt help but to think, maybe its SLE. ive been studying about the disease for few months because one of my students had that too.

i told hezri about it last night and alhamdulillah, he understands my situation. he explained to me that there is no reason for him to be feeling jealous etc because my friend is sick and need
support from us. he adviced me to do everything i can to help. ignore what had happened in the past.

and im begging all of u, to pray for my friend's health.

insya Allah.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

#1 random facts about Ayya Henrietta


i know people x interested to know random facts about me but im gonna put it up anyway :P
so that friends and family can get to know me a lil bit better everyday :)

#1 i only eat vanilla ice cream or vanilla based ice cream.
e.g vanilla plus raspberry flavour. vanilla and caramel but must have the vanilla taste.

whats your flava?

xoxo :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


salam all,

pagi tadi masuk kelas darjah 1, then bagi kerja pastu mintak diorang siapkan jugak dalam kelas.

Me : Siapkan sekarang jugak, cikgu nak kutip buku.

Student : Kalau tak siap jugak cikgu?

Me: kalau tak siap, tidur sekolah malam ni. buat sampai siap.

Student : Aaaaa, banyak lagi cikgu. tak sempat siap ni.

Me : Nasib awaklah. tidur lah kat sekolah malam ni, malam-malam kat sini banyak hantu. langsuir ada, pocong ada, pontianak pun ada jugak.

Student : tapi cikgu, kitorang tak takut hantu, kitorang takut Allah.

Me : T_T Alhamdullilah, alim anak murid cikgu.

ugutan momok tak berguna pada generasi muda sekarang :(

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ferringhi Garden @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

salam all,

Dah lama nak try Feringghi Garden ni tapi tak pernah ada kesempatan, bila baru-baru ni berada di Penang, i terus pergi :)

honest opinion, Feringghi is the most beautiful garden restaurant ive ever been!

memang lawa sangat-sangat, ada small river keliling restaurant ni, so bila makan sambil dengar bunyi air,tenang je rasa. and ada slow jazz music playing, sangat romantic. i rasa nak maintain this restaurant sangat costly sebab penuh dengan bunga-bunga segar keliling restaurant. and kawasan dia sangat besar so boleh pilih nak duk mana.

move on to the food!

fresh juices. orange +honeydew. rm9.80

Appetizer : Seafood Cocktail RM22.80

OMG. this is so delicious. fresh prawn, soft shell crabs and salmon. with lettuce, rocket leaves, capers and green apple cubes. tambah pulak soy sauce, tartar sauce and wasabi.

the combination worked!

the salmon, thumbs up!

Tenderloin Steak Rm68.80

mula-mula tak expect much sebab this restaurant tak highlight pasal steak. tapi double thumbs up! full of flavours and well-marinated. sauteed mushroom pun sangat sedap, mashed potato creamy. i definitely will order this next time!

Mongolian Beef RM 36.80

slices of beef with onions, mushroom and blackpepper sauce. sizzling style. first bite rasa sedap sangat, daging lembut sangat tapi bila dah lama makan, rasa macam muak.

Dessert : chocolate walnut cake RM 18.80

i didnt like the dessert :( cake sangat dry. nasib baik ada ice cream to save the whole thing. dont order this.

total damage : RM 193.49 include tax.

worth a try :)



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