Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Day in Sydney

Salam all

I went for a short family trip to Sydney on 21st - 26th November 2013.
Semua activities planned sendiri and tak ambil mana- mana package from travel tours.
Kebanyakkan activities I google, read on trip advisor and tanya my friends yang pernah pergi Sydney or study kat Sydney.

Here's my itenerary for 6 Days 5 Nights trip to Sydney :

First Day :
Flight from LCCT KL departs at 910am and arrived in Sydney around 8:00pm. Our flight sampai 20 minutes earlier than expected.
Take a cab at Sydney Airport to go to our apartments in Burwood.
(Will give out more details about our apartments in another post)
Lepas check in kat Comfort Inn & Suites, Burwood. Kami dinner di halal kebab restaurant betul- betul depan apartments yang kami sewa

2nd Day
Go to :
Circular Quay
The Rocks
Take ferry to Darling Harbour
Go to Madame Tussaude Sydney
Sydney Fish Market

3rd Day :
Featherdale Wildlife Park, Blacktown
Paddy's market

4th Day :
Blue Mountains
Three Sisters
Leura Village
Sydney waterfront
Convention centre

5th Day :
Tour around Sydney
Bondi Beach
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge

6th Day :
Flight back to Malaysia at 1155am

Ini brief sahaja tentang perjalanan kami di Sydney. I will elaborate more on the next post.

Hope post about Sydney Trip ni boleh dijadikan panduan untuk siapa-siapa yang nak travel ke sana.
Sama juga macam I masa nak pergi aritu, buat research from blogs.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dynat's big day!

Salam all, 

A lil history about Dynat & Ayya.
Dynat is my bestfriend from highschool, masa form one kitorang was dormates. Memang kita always fight with each other, macam anjing and kucing. Maybe sebab dua-dua pun tengah adapt hidup sekolah asrama. Jauh from family and tolerate level memang super low hehe

Dynat and I,  share katil double decker, I punya katil bahagian atas. I selalu gantung stokin kat bed head Dynat just to annoy her,sebab dia garang sangat. and kalau I nampak dia tengah tidur, I akan saja turun katil and buat-buat terpijak muka dia. Dynat was so mean, she once read my diary and told everyone about it. Cis! Tapi biasalah bila duk sekolah asrama, you have no one to lean on except for your friends. 

Lama-lama, kitorang get along and kurang bergaduh. We became so close sampai pergi makan, pergi kelas, pergi prep, outing pun together. Basically everything I did during my highschool, Dynat was there.
Obviously, during highschool I have more than one bestfriends, ( Bestfriends yang lain jangan kecil hati ya, this post is about Dynat sebab tu cerita pasal dia je, I LOVE YOU ALL)

After finished high school, I studied di Penang while Dynat di Cyberjaya, but our friendship still strong. Everytime I ke KL, I will stay at her house. I was there masa her graduation day, and dia pun datang masa my graduation day. And for every big events in my life, Dynat akan ada. If kami tak sempat jumpa, kami akan bergayut kat telefon for hours.

Bila Dynat get married, of course I feel very sad and excited at the same time.
Kami membesar bersama-sama, dan macam tak percaya dah sampai ke tahap ini.

Ayya and Yanti's baby boo, Talhah

Super nice doorgift
Prettiest bride! Look at her dress. Lawa sangat

I really love every details in her wedding! Theme nye, Rustic Wedding and percaya tak, semua ni DIY?
Creative my friend ni. :)

Enjoy the photos, girls.


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