Monday, June 8, 2009

The unreal vacation

im not going to pulau perhentian tomorrow.
my dad called and cancel the vacation :(

today is a mess too. waited 4 hours at the saloon.
im starving since didnt ate anything ths morning.
my first meal was at Mcd around 245pm :(
bole puase da.

next, the car meragam. the comp said, battery charge fault.
we can start the engine but cant move it. after heading to workshop,
abang ad pick us up.

its raining now, so im stuck at cik dah's house
ilove going out with k ada, like we always did before she got married
we went grooming, and spending time together, go shopping
had pillow talk before we slept. we tried out new recipes.
and we did alot of things together. shes like my sista
* im the only child in my family

now shes coming home alone for 4 days, because her hubby went to kl.
took the chance and we hang out like we used to.
mcm anak dare hehe.

okay, now shes calling me to ngumpat2 with her


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