Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Goodbye

im back in penang.

Hola people.
i was just waving goodbye to my parents, cousin and aunt.
yes, im anak manja. lots of people anta me to start a new sem.
hope that they'll arrived kelantan safely. aminn.
im soo emotional this time, dunno why, im not always like this.
homesick is not really my thing now.
but this time, i feel more. .sad?

im not really looking at their faces just now. afraid that i cannot control myself
and shed a tear :( okay, enough drama.

now that im back, i need to settle alot of things,
serious, im going to get very2 busy.
tomorrow, im going brunch with aida.
hope can make it to breakfast
to reduce the duration since im all packed
im unpacking my bag, aish, malasnyee

went here n there, shopping with the family
we spent alot. seriously.
gotta keep moving.


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