Saturday, June 6, 2009

The cupcakes

Ola people!

just came back from kenduriisss. went to 7 houses and
i was sweating like hell.

i came across my fav blog, wish to share ths with u.

When it comes to birthday party, i was particular about the cakes.
cakes obviously is a must and its a symbol of celebration

the first time i celebrated hezri's birthday was in 2007,
i planned a secret birthday party for him and
bought a blueberry cheesecake from strudel's.
glad he liked it

this year, he wanted to hv cupcakes for his birthday.
cuppies is the in thing now. but my only problem is
where am i going to find yummy and cute cupcakes in penang?

so i google hundred of online delivery cuppies. none attract my attention.
except for
their cupcakes were unique and very cute.
i heard alot of good review about it also.

so i fill the form and pick a theme and flava for my cuppies.
i choose couple in the garden. two dolls sitting on the grass with butterflies
and flowers. i sent her our photo so that she can made the dolls definitely
look like us hehe. for the flava, i choose chocolate chips.
she sent email about the price, it was rm150 and i asked her to reduce the
decoration, make it simpe as possible. said my budget was only below rm100
she agreed and the total was rm90.

On 14jan, we went to manila place, gurney plaza to pick up the cupcakes.
i was quite nervous, everything was done online.
but hezri loves it. so i was very very happy.
we had dinner on the ship, and exchange presents :)

the cupcakes taste so yummy and i love it.
if ur from penang, u can order cupcakes from the blog
and they offer delivery services too.

havva good day!


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