Saturday, June 13, 2009

The late night show

i watched nip/tuck last nite. the episode was quite scary.
its about a psycho murderer who kidnapped the plastic surgery doctors.
i held my breath for few minutes watching the murderer forced the doctor to cut off his hand.
i cant watch such thing alone. when i watched Saw 5, i only last for 7 minutes, next i felt so dizzy and scared to death.

i met few psycho people. threat hing me, sending me warning sms, and alot of phone calls.
erm im not scared but it made me think. how mad people could be when they lose someone they love, esp women. thats why, they search for the reason and someone to blame.
i understand but still, it got limits. u cant continously attacking unguilty people just to satisfy ur need. this pathetic people is someone who cant handle the truth. cant face the real situation.
do all the stupid things just to make sure ur man is keeping under ur toes. but u cant do that. let him gets his own privacy, talk to him and discuss whats the best to do. dont follow him everywhere he goes, unless he wants u to. okay love?

but everything is okay now. most of them were my exbf gf. i dun blame them. i blame my exbf.
im already over it. so over it. i wont say much. im not going to reveal all the stories here.
lets keep it unsaid. one of the girl is my bestfriend now. thank u God. finally people can see the truth.

well, as for u.
can you handle the truth?

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