Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Friend.

i nearly do something stupid today.

i tried to steal a patient from general hosp. stupid, stupid,
what if she suddenly fainted?
or the doctor realized she was gone?
thank God, i din do it.

my clever friend laa, she said she really bored, and wanted to go out
for an hour only. shes been staying at the hospital for two days and craving for fresh air.
i feel so guilty, she was sick so i wanna take her out to make her happy.
she went to bath and siap2 to go out. but i realize that din bring her any good. so i
sms her housemates, and they really worried about her.

so i convince her to stay and luckily, the housemates came after that.
i am so tired now. i arrived at the hostel, around 8:58pm and hezri called me, to make sure
im already home. i promised him to reach mktab at 9pm. pling lmbat pon 10pm laa.
u can count on me babe. hehe

but i was thinking while drove back to college.
maybe fate brought us together, maybe Allah sent me to meet her because she need help.
and maybe one day she will help me too.
maybe theres alot reason why we knew each other.

till then.


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