Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Late Supper

i heard news about Bubba Gump, the curve.

i already visited the place once, never intended to revisit them.
but the review i read on the net make me think twice.

early this year, Hezri and i went to The Curve for dinner
and our plan was to dine at Bondi Beach. As we arrived there,
we saw that the restaurant was quite empty so we change our mind.
Next, saw the Bubba Gump and decided to try their meal.

we were so upset with the meal there.
maybe we chose the wrong menu.
bubba gump highlights their shrimp dishes
but we chose steak and barramundi
bad idea.

definitely will go there again and try out their shrimp :)
"stop, forrest, stop!"


ngengngok said...

ayya, kt ne tpt thu? cm sdap!

ngengngok said...

thu ade dkt sunway pyramid jgk kn? wow.mcm besh

ayya henrietta said...

kat the curve. hehe
xsure laa. aritu da try, tp xsdap.
tp ramai org comment sdap.
maybe salah pilih menu :(

sile2 pegi. choose shrimp laa :)


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