Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The reactivate

Anum is my stf friend. she ym me yesterday, asked about my passion towards food.
i said, i still interested eventho i shut down my beautiful tummy blog. she was so excited and invited me to join her to dine at Al Marjan, klcc during the fasting month. buke puase there ;)
yumm yumm. im so glad that i finally found a friend who got passion same as i did. im not taking food photos just because I AM eating them. i critized and gave comment too. ur wrong anum.
im not saje2 hehe

but obviously my food hunting activities will be continue in Penang. i cant wait to go to Blue Reef fish n chips and meet Christopher (blue reef's manager). their meal look so inviting. anum, turun penang if u wanna join me. and everyone is invited too. :)

thank u to lingzie, because she helped alot. i definitely will try the halal dim sum at Northam Hotel. Bring in the cute guys! hahah

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