Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fight

in life, u'll never avoid the fight that ur gonna have with ur partner
u will feel bad or annoying with ur partner
u'll feel that u wanna shut them up, or stop them from talking
because they are hurting u.but what u can do is, make it as a healthy fight.

i fight with hezri all the time. its our thing.
after end our war, we will find the cure.
why we start the fight and admit our own mistake
apologize and forgive each other,
tell them u love them
ask them, do you still love me too?

remind them, why u love them. show them all the reason why u love them,
what makes u fell for them
tell them, all the small things that u notice about them
i notice that i cant pinch hezri's nose, hes really mad if i do that
tell them again, ur feeling when u saw them for the first time
when the first time hezri saw me, he stopped the car and the engine,went out from the car, but left the key in it. he turn back to take them. next he was coming but turn back again because he forgot to off the car's light.
tell all the good and nice things about them.
tell them what made them diff from anyone else.
tell them that when they are not around, ur routine change

normally we fight because we feel hurt and we want attention.
we want our partner to compliment us, to tell us
that we are so special more than anything.
we want our partner to pamper us, to treat us right.
we want to learn more about what they like or dislike
dun be shy to admit
if ur partner doesnt see that, help them, guide them.
they are not mind reader. dun be mad at them if they din know what to do,
whats the right thing to say, because u need to tell them.
and ur turning the bad fight into a healthy one.

thats what i did with hezri, we are in a loonnggg distance relationship.
but we've been together for two years. and it was hard, seriously. since im gonna see his face for only 8 weekends, 24 days in a year.but if u find the right one, ur gonna work for it right?
no matter what.
after we fight, we often feel more in love with each other.
sometimes i cried after we fight, not that because the fight, but because i miss him badly. and when we talked about our feeling and apologize, we realized that we were so afraid to lose each other. we reminds why we love each other.

i hope that everyone will try to do that,
start the effort now, dun wait for ur partner. YOU need to start it.

owh dont forget, to tell them,
my world is a better place when ur in it.
im going to tell hezri now.



Anonymous said...

ayya, entri ini sweet. ak suke(:

ayya henrietta said...

thank you ariza. just share my thots je :) glad u like it.


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