Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Addiction


i totally in love with dior lipstick. it was so smooth and silky.
normally i wear lipbalm before apply the lipstick
but with this lipstick.
i dun hve to ;D

i always think that spending too much money on a lipstick is
such a waste of money. im more to handbags and perfume person.

but after tried this lipstick, god, im impressed. when u shows interest in the product, the salesgirl obviously will be so eager to put on the eyeshadow and blusher and whtsoever on ur face. to make u cant resist the things. n obviously u cant. :P

well, nope. im not going to buy it now. a lisptick, yes but the whole make up set. no, i will not. maybe i can get it for my birthday prezie. who knows right? hehe


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