Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you

i love you~

when i was on the way to the hosp yesterday, i was listening to when this really
romantic cute song on air. 1 2 3 4 from plain white t's.

suddenly i felt so sad and missed hezri alot. so i change my direction and drove to feringghi.
the place where we had alot of memories.
the place that me fell for him.
being in a long distance relationship is tough.
he's there when i need him, but hes not in front of my eyes.
u cant touch, u cant feel him. u cant date, u cant eat together
u cant watch movie, u cant share ice cream, or u cant call him when u cant sleep
at night, because the time diff.

but what makes us strong is
i dunno, i guess im really madly in love with him.
there are sparks when i saw him.
not that any ordinary sparks. the sparks that stop ur heart.
and he did alot just to make me happy.
he travel a thousand miles just to make sure im fine.
i just dunno how to thank him

but i admit, we had our bad times, we fought and yell at each other too.
its not happy hour all the times huhu
but we make it thru,
we work things out.
pray for us k?

im missing him very very much. 'miss' is one of the interesting part in a relationship.
its was so painful when u miss someone,
but u can use that to measure ur feeling towards him right?



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