Friday, June 5, 2009

The Healthy Life

Im watching the French Open now.
God, pls let Federer wins tonight

talking about healthy life.
im taking a good care of myself
i dun smoke, i dun drink and i dun do drugs.
i rarely go out at nights,
except with hezri's permission.
hezri is very very strict.
but i like it.
he love homey type of girl, stay at home wife. :)
hezri is family type of guy.
he wants me to dress up elegant and mature.
he observes every word i blurt.
my behavior and how i react to difficult situation.
he knows my friends, he approve my circle of friends.
he wants me to be a good girl :)

his routine questions,
"masak ape arini?"
really2 interested with my cooking activities.
even i cooked maggi goreng pon, he still find it interesting.
i ate nasik dagang for breakfast and he keep on asking me
to learn how to cook nasik dagang.
ssh laa abang. nk masak nasik dagang.
hezri's mom loves cooking too.
aish, ssh ni. nnt mak mertue judge.
she knew alot of kelantan recipe too, u know.
salute laa aunt!

hezri loves cooking too. i bet he more terer than me.
seriously. haha
i shud go and learn more.
wants to beat him!


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