Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New message

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jibby & Co @ Empire Subang

Salam all, 

Dynat ( my enemy from highschool) ajak I teman beli barang-barang anak dia di Empire Subang. 
Its was time for tea break and we decided to try Jibby and Co. Jibby & Co, is not a new makan makan place in town. I heard so many food reviews and  how nice their glasshouse is. 
But one thing I dont like is, their overpriced meal. 

Pizza Margherita RM22
I love pizza magherita , so simple yet full with flavours. For me, if you want to taste original pizza, this the one. For Jibby& Co version, I love the their thin crust but that was it. 

Hummus served with bread

Hummus ni sedap but for RM25, I think tak berbaloi . 

Hana tried their famous pavlova and little girl loves it! 

Si kenit. 

When we were young ( read 23/24 yr old) we met up at least once a month. Now that we are 'mature' ( not old ya *denial mode*) its so tough to gather everyone together under one roof. But as I always keep in mind, quality over quantity . 


Friday, June 24, 2016

Ramadhan Buffet 2016 @ Contango , The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Salam everyone, 

Hez's birthday is in June, I pening nak bawa dia makan kat mana. It's Ramadhan month, and Hez loves to have heavy meal for break fast. To save the headache, I decided to go for buffet. If you want to dine here, it is better for you to call and book early as they are always full house. 

To be honest, I am not a fan of buffet, but once in a while, why not?
The restaurant is huge with different food stations and eventhough there were a lot of patrons that night, it was not crowded at all. 

I can roam freely and take my time to choose what I want to eat. They refill the food and clean my plate attentively. ( must give big tips to the waiter! )

We arrived at Majestic Hotel around 630pm, and get to relax and chit chatting a little bit. 

They served extensive buffet spread, from malaysian delicacies to japanese, chinese, italian fare.
So many choices and I need to calm myself down.

Roast lamb with  potatoes and asparagus

 Soup, rendang, lemang, ketupat. I feel like Hari Raya is here already! 

Normally I will skipped bubur lambuk, but theirs are so nice and packed with flavours. I can actually taste the herbs in it. 

Fried kuey teow station

Look at those big prawns!! 

Ketam goreng and they also have puyuh goreng. 

Indian food selection, love the kerala curry!

Japanese section

Some other food

Assam Laksa, Mee Curry
Beef and Chicken Sate
Prata, Murtabak. Roti Canai
Few selections of pizza ( love their pepperoni, they are generous with the cheese)
Pasta ( you can order from the station) 
Selection nasi with various lauk pauk
 and the list goes on  

You must try their ice cream,Im not sure what brand they are using .

Desserts counter. I skipped this part because I am too full and have no space in my stomache anymore. But I shared ABC with Hez 

Oh and another thing I love about the buffet, is their free flow coffee,  not cheap and lousy type, but actual good coffee ! You can even ask the barista to make caramel macchiato for you. 

Must give credit to the Contango staffs, I know they are super busy especially in this Holy month but they can still take time to joke around and talk to me when I was taking photos, they even recommend few things for me to try. (did i mention they are busy?!)

Price for one pax in Contango is RM145 nett, 

Selamat berbuka! 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Koleksi Pakaian Bercorak Desigual di ZALORA

Mungkin masih baru dikalangan para penggemar fesyen di Malaysia, tetapi jenama Desigual bukanlah pendatang baru di arena fesyen antarabangsa. Jenama pakaian antarabangsa yang beribu pejabat di Barcelona ini mencipta nama yang cukup gah dengan membawakan konsep pakaian bercorak yang unik dan berwarna-warni.

Look at the collection! Meriah dengan warna warni and sesuai untuk semua gadis  sama ada yang suka berfesyen ataupun yang sukakan comfort colours : grey, black and white ( seperti saya! ) tak salah kalau nak spice up your life a little bit!

 Membawakan koleksi pakaian kasual bercorak untuk lelaki, wanita, kanak-kanak, aksesori dan kasut wanita, Desigual ternyata menjadi pusat sehenti ramai penggemar fesyen yang ingin tampil berani dan menyerlah.

Gaya yang cukup santai dan meriah ini sesuai untuk anda yang ingin menambah ‘warna’ dalam kehidupan seharian. Mungkin untuk digayakan pada cuti hujung minggu bersama rakan-rakan atau ketika percutian ke pantai bersama yang tersayang. Just imagine, white sandy beach and you with colourful outfit!
 ( Think Instagram, people!)

 Pilihan koleksi pakaian Desigual pastinya menambat hati sesiapa sahaja!

Sehingga hari ini, jenama Desigual ini telah membuka cawangan di seluruh dunia dan semakin berkembang pesat.

 Di Malaysia sendiri, koleksi pakaian Desigual kini boleh anda miliki secara online di portal fesyen popular – ZALORA Malaysia.

Oleh itu, peluang untuk penggemar jenama Desigual Malaysia kerana ini anda boleh membuat pembelian dengan mudah. ZALORA Malaysia menawarkan aneka pilihan koleksi pakaian dan aksesori Desigual dengan tawaran harga yang cukup berpatutan serta menyediakan perkhidmatan penghantaran secara percuma sehingga ke pintu rumah anda. Bukan itu sahaja, ZALORA juga menyediakan beberapa kaedah pembayaran yang selamat termasuklah kaedah cash on delivery bagi kawasan-kawasan tertentu.
Mudah bukan? Check out the collection now, ladies.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beato Steakhouse @ Bangsar


Kalau nak makan special, of course I will choose steak. I memang meat lover/ karnivor , whatever you want to call, I'll take it. 

Dry aged beef tiba-tiba famous and a lot of bloggers praised it, mesti lah tak sabar-sabar nak cuba.

One of the places yang served dry aged beef adalah Beato. Beato ada dua branch, satu kat Publika and this one kat Bangsar.  

Cocktail prawns as appetizer.
Plumpy and juicy prawns. love the citrus dressing!

Bila nak pilih our steaks, the waiter akan datang bawak chalkboard. Kat chalkboard tu ada pilihan, berapa gram steak yang you nak. Normally I boleh makan around 200g. 
Kalau lebih dari 250g, memang dah tak boleh telan. 

And pilih lah cut mana yang you all suka. 
I suka rib eye so I chose Grain Fed Ribeye 220g 
Harga dia, ikut gram ya. 

I tak suka garlic but the garlic juice rasa smokey and takde rasa garlic langsung! 
Memang help to enhance the flavour. 

I'm  a happy lady! 

Juicy kan? I enjoyed it to the very last bite! 

H's sirloin steak. He said mine is better sebab sirloin dia a bit dry hehehe
Apa beza sirloin dan rib eye? 

Beza dia kedudukan dalam badan lembu. Sirloin biasanya daging dia lebih keras. 

You can try to eat the beef with different sauce : horseradish, mustard and wholegrain. I paling suka wholegrain! 

Our sides , sweet potato fries and sauteed mushroom. 

Cake from CakeCrush Facebook ( Click the link) 
Cake ni sedap nyaaa lah . Sebab dia guna high quality chocolate ganache. 
Kalau  nak makan, make sure keluar kan from fridge setengah jam before. Supaya chocolate ganache tu softer sikit. 
I highly recommend those yang nak tempah kek to order from them. Design cantik and rasa pun sedap! 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Strato @ Troika Sky Dining


If you want to celebrate your loved ones' birthday but he/she does not fancy fine dining restaurants, you can take her/ him here !

The view is okay, takde lah nice gila. Our table was at the balcony so we escaped the crowd and the noise. hehe 

Our appetizer, 
I memang mengidam lama nak makan mussels so..

We ordered steamed black mussels in herb tomato broth with tomato crumbs.

Memang sedap gila and I licked everything off! 
Mussels nicely cooked, and I can taste the herbs dalam broth tu. 

Mains :

Barramundi, Clam , Mussels, Prawns in paper packet

Masa mula-mula they served this dish, the presentation tak menarik langsung haha
Kalau peminat seafood , sure suka ni.
But I rasa lebih kurang dengan our appetizer tadi so I tak berminat sangat dengan dish ni. 
should order something else instead. 

Dah datang Italian restaurant, kena lah rasa pizza dia, but we made a mistake sebab order seafood again!
Theme malam ni under the sea agaknya ;P

The pizza was undeniably delicious but why on earth did we ordered seafood again and again ?! 

The waiter suggested the lady  to try their mocktail , Berry Crush

You can take a look at their menu here :

Dont forget to make reservation before you come. 


Friday, April 22, 2016

Bedouin Arabian Cuisine @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail


Now TTDI ada restaurant Arab. Yeayyy!! 

Restoran ni baru buka aje, so I tak letak high expectation. 
Masa kita sampai, almost 8pm. tak ramai orang sangat tapi bila dah dekat 830pm, full house!!

Location restaurant ni, near pasar TTDI, belakang Vads. 

Lamb Mandy

Kadang-kadang kalau makan kat restaurant Arab ni, nasi mandy dia tak flavourful and dry. 
But this restaurant, served one of the best nasi mandy. 
I even suka here compared to Al Rawsha. 

Kebab Halabi

Minced lamb kebab served with mulawwah bread. 

I realllyyyyyyyyy love this kebab! 
Especially bila di served dengan roti yang panas-panas .
Bila served separately, mulawwah bread tak soggy and lagi selera nak makan. 
Their bread memang the best !

So far, I suka with their food and service. Maybe sebab I reached early and order cepat. Im not sure kalau full house macam mana but I noticed pekerja kat sini tak ramai. Maybe because they are new .
Let's hope they can keep their food quality macam ni sampai bila-bila. 

Orang ttdi sila lah cuba restaurant ni :) 



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