Monday, June 1, 2009

The Coffee.

Start with hot green tea to kick off the day.

halo to u. i have 2 more mondays at home.
i need reschedule my bed time.
i slept around 2am last nite and woke up 1130am plus2 this morning.
the result?
i feel sick and dizzy all day.
and i dun feel good. the kitchen is running out of coffee.
another bad news for me.
i normally start the day with coffee or green tea.
hezri knew this well, and he offers me coffee everytime we go out.
to keep me awake and active.

i love black n strong coffee, but hezri prefer white coffee and abit sweet.
i love frappucino epresso and he found it abit strong for him.
and he ordered mocha, but i think its kinda sweet for me.
*we always share our drinks*
finally, we find a drink that we both love.
iced latte, add up with caramel.
yeayy. hehe.
our problems is, we always share our things eventho
we were so diff with each other.
thats why we need to find something in common.

and we found alot actually.

owh i heard aleisa found her prince charming
thats good news
more people shud be in love


ngengngok said...

yeah. u r ryte. more people shud be in love.

Asiela Hamid said...

still too early la, baru jumpa, belum official yet, ahaahah :D

ayya henrietta said...

alaa xpe2. asalkn ur happy, ckup laa tu,
blum official ker official da, doesnt matter. as long as ade butterflies in ur stomach,
okay da tuuu hehe


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