Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is it really over?

what if the only thing you want to let go is still haunting you?

what if u want to run away but it still held ur hands?

what if u close ur ears but it still calling out ur names?

what if u want to make all the wrong decision, right again?

what if u wanna sleep and dun wanna wake up anymore?

what if u wanna stop this thing, and pretend it never happen?

what if the only reason that make u smile is the one who make u cry?

what if u were left out in the rain and nobody cares?

what if all the song u heard is laughing at u?

what if the only help u seek, will never come?

what if u get a chance to change into someone else.

will u do it?

what if u get the chance to erase all the memory , will u do it?

what if theres so many things u hide, u just cant take the burden?

what if u cant control people because they knew ur dirty secret?

what if ur in the battle and u cant fight anymore?

what if ur making a mistake and not sorry?

so many questions. i got the answers but it was all wrong

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