Friday, June 26, 2009

The late night snack

i arrived quite late to pick up aida. around 845pm, since i got stuck in a traffic jam in front of my college, with this very long line cars to get out from the island. heading to the penang bridge.
i was rushing and this car behind me, kiss my bumper. shit.
luckily its not hard enuff. so it din scratch much.

my curfew was 10pm, we reached gurney plaza around 920pm,
fighting to find parking, its not weekends, but it was all packed, gosh,
penang people shud spend more time at home.
first we hit sakae sushi, but it was quite late and not much sushi left on the moving belt.
so we decided to sneak out from sakae sushi and went to sushi king.
the guy at the sushi king keep on asking us, we r student or what, n study where.
bla bla. i was on my way to cashier and pointing out at aida to answer the qs.

i was home around 1045pm, 45minutes late and hezri was so worried because i hvnt sms
him yet, and the next morning, he gave me a short lecture, he din like me to go out at night
alone and drive alone anymore. and i always did this habit, i went out and inform him later.
he prefer that i asked him first before went out, huhu i know he cant stay calm
if i was out, he cant sleep tight.
im sorry abang.
thank u for ur concern :)

gtg, bye!

owh btw im going to my new home at bukit tambun tomorrow.
so bye2 to all the people in my college.
see u for the next 2 months

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