Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Words

that coming out from ur mouth.

i was quite sensitive with the words that i blurt.
except with my bff, but still i wasnt feeling so comfortable
using too harsh words.
its not suitable for the girls to use rude words in public
or while dealing with other people.
maybe they'll say,
laaa, suke ati laa. bukan org knal pon kn
but u shud be ashamed of urself

the way ur talking, shows ur personality.
the way ur talking, reflect who u are.
and people dun respect someone who mouthful with the eff words.

i heard two girls chatting, using really2 rude words.
and i looked at them, they dressed up nice and elegant.
but sorry girls. i put u in the lowest level of the society
or maybe
when u grow up soon. u'll understand what i mean.

so careful with anything u speak up,
someone might be listening to it,
and judge u.

just like i did

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