Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels & Demons

this movie was superb! 2 thumbs up. gotta watch it now or u'll regret forever haha

just watched it with aida and her friend. see? i hang out with them everyweekend now.

on friday we went karaokee @ gurney plaza, from 8pm until 3am.

i nvr knew doctors can hv such fun. i thot they were robots ;P

sleepover@ aida's place and maybe my friends worried about me for a reason

well, i'll try to decrease my activities soon.

i'll try to return home before 12. okay love?

i wud like to share about an article i read. its about a shark attacked,

a man had been attacked by a white shark while he went surfing at the beach.

no, its not the main point.

the point is, the man was saved by a bunch of dolphins.

can u believe it?

thats the reason why i love little dolphins
they are so cute!

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