Thursday, May 14, 2009


my bffs were quit concern about my new circle of friends. they were obviously worried that my new friends will distract me from the right path since i spent alot of times with them lately.
well, dun be worry hun. u guys still my no 1 friends. no one can beats that.
im having fun with them tho. celebrating aida's birthday @ Tgif and the next day playing masak2 @ seoul garden. i only went to aida 's house once, for sleepover. and thats all.

they are docs, they dun do stupid things. din prank people. they are smart n mature people.
i love being around smart people, i can learn alot of things from them. i stayed up until 6am during the sleepover because aida storied about the human body. the cure, her patient and lots of things. no, we are no nerd. but honestly i think this whole thing is quite interesting. u can know about the disease without reading.

tomorrow, aida invited me to join the karaokee session. im not sure either to go or not.
the exam week is calling, supposed to be, 'work time no play'
but i'll think about it.

im gonna staying up late tonight to do revision. i mean real LATE.
thank god i got a best friend to keep me awake
[cups of black n strong coffee]

or maybe u wanna join me? :)


Asiela Hamid said...



ayya henrietta said...

haha jom asiela. make sure u love coffee


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