Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being sick :(

halo people

i was having diarrhea and vomitting non stop since sunday
until today, but at least i feel better now.

adah and i was sent to general hosp penang on monday
because dehydrated, but her condition was worse than mine
i was discharged after 2 hours treatment.
but adah hve to stay for 7 hours. pity her.

i cant slept for these past few days.
keep on running to the toilet from 3am untl 7 or 8am
hezri was so worried, i cried everytime he called.
which is 1834 times per day.
i know u waste lots of money for that long distance calls
thank u abang :) i love u munch.

well, im okay now. not 100 % yet but okaylaa.
thank u sui kim for giving me that chinese herbs medicine
it tasted yucks but i think it works.

thanx to ikah n ayuni for clean up my room and send me to hosp
(i threw up in my own room okay)
asyroq and ibrahim, for being the drivers

booya ajah and kmizah for taking care of me.
yelling at me to hve my meal and remindin me to take my medicine
for the massage, staying up late and the black tea
thank u
thank u

and for my hezri. thank u for be there for me
support me
and comfort thru the hard times

without u.
im nothing
xoxo ;p

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