Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanx and Bye2 Biatch

a friend of mine. (no, shes not really my friend) we happen to be in the same area during the practicum. she asked to be my housemate and i got transport, n she dun. so i was willing to help her, said i can take her to the mall to buy food and stuff so dun worry about that. she really2 worried because her school was not the same as mine. she wants to discuss about work, complained that she'll be alone during weekends, bla bla. i felt pity for her so i offered to bring her with wherever i go. the next thing i knew was shes telling my other housemates, alot of bad things about me. not only me, she attacked booya also. (booya is my best friend)

my housemates were so confused so they play nice to her and at the same time judge us. last nite, all of them confront me and telling me everything about 'her behavior'
they cant stand her potpet mouth and spreading bad things around. i was so shocked. i nvr realized that. i seriously honestly, thought that she was a nice person.
well, the truth is out. what more can i say?

i kicked her from my house. i dun care about her anymore
and bye2.

i was trying to help her and look what she did to me.
revenge is sweet, but
my mum taught me better than that
no i wont harm u

thanx to my housemates.
ur such a good and wiser friends. din judge people based on the rumours.
glad that i knw u :)

and u,
thanx and bye2 biatch

eh did i just posted a serious entry again.
sorry aleisa.
next time ok? huhu

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