Monday, May 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye

im watching greys anatomy season finale.
aargh hate it, hate it. why must the director left it hanging?

i finished my exam today.
( major only, but i considered its over, eventho i got 2 more minor papers tomorrow)

this mornin, around 725am, shazlin gave me a call, eagerly asking me
are u free today?! jom kua!
hahah babe. i got algebra paper on 830am and ur asking me to go out with u?!
but i really really want to meet her. last time i saw her, when we were receivin our
spm result, in stf. * i miss stf people. we shud meet more often

on wednesday i plan to go out with the bffs, and maybe aida will be coming too.
she finish her class at 4pm, she ym me last nite, hoping that we could meet
before the semester over.
im craving for ribs @ tony romas :(
but Penang dun hve any outlet.
sad sad sad.

i think we'll heading to MFM ths wednesday since it was our fav spot everytime
hang out at queensbay.
follow me on twitter,
i'll tell u everywhere i go!


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