Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beginning of a Love Story

alot of people ask, how i met hezri? haha i got really2 tired to answer the same questions,
but i do love to story about us.

well, how i met hezri, its too complicated to tell. huhu but our first REAL date was at pavillion.
i mean, going out alone without friends. but it was nothing at first.

the next day, hezri asked to take me out for dinner. he insisted to blanje me for my birthday
at a secret restaurant. huhu but i already promised my stf friends to meet them at midvalley and lunch together. so hezri came to pick me up there, quite late.

i was quite nervous and pushing him to tell me where he was going to take me to.
then we ended up at Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar.
i was laughing when he told me, he chose the place because it was my 'hometown'
*i put it up on my friendster details.
he gave me a very enchanting necklace for my birthday present.
the pendant was so beautiful. i really2 love it.
i really excited to wear it, i even took out my own necklace huhu
i know he spent alot of times surveying about my birthday present.
i love it. thank u abang~
and what a nite, we spent the times talking and knowing each other better.

the next day, hezri took me to putrajaya, we hve a walk at the park there
during the noon. hahaha. it was 12pm i think.
i was sweating like hell. and hezri seemed so panicked when he saw
my face turned red. i told him, i cant stand the heat.
he quickly brought me back to the car, handed me tissues and all.
and keep on giving me mineral water.
huhu u took care of me well dear.
next we went to dine at secret recipe
and comments about the food there.
i started to realize that both of us have passion
for the food.

well, that was all for today.


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