Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Blair?

queen B is my fav role in gossip girl series.

look! so pretty right?
cakap pweeetyy cepat!

season 2 finale was awesome. finally chuck and blair are finally together!
hooray! cant wait for the next season.

or shud i say seasonsssss?

back to the story. there r loads of people in there, serena, dan, jenny
chuck, nate n lily? hehe but why blair?

okay. i love blair because she is someone im not.
she is mean. n strong
beautiful, elegant, rich and powerful
shes a good friend
shes in control and get everythng she wants
and shes cute, pretty n brunette.
she knows how to dress up ( maybe the credit goes to the fashion designer in the series)
okay enuff.

those are the reasons why i love blair waldorf.
im inspired by her ;)


Asiela Hamid said...

she's awesomekan?!!

i love the way she talks! ade style :)

ayya henrietta said...

yes, true2.

hehe adore her!


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