Friday, November 5, 2010

My first experience of traveling alone.

when i purchased these flight tickets, i was emotionally unstable.
i wanted to go anywhere but here.

so i browse airasia page without thinking. tengok je semua tiket-tiket yang ada.
tengok promo. to seoul lah, to vietnam lah. tak, i tak boleh pergi sejauh tuh.
plus i planned to go for a weekend getaway je.

that is how, i decided to go to Sabah.
Kota Kinabalu, main attractions sebab ada banyak islands.
then i tros beli :)

xfikir pun nak tidur mana, nak buat apa. i just wanna go to the beach, to the island.
xfikir pasal duit. i just wanna go!

i beli tiket tuh, 3 months earlier from the exact date. so bila da dekat one month before pergi,
baru kalut nak book hotel.
kalut nk tengok attractions.
since this is my very first experience of traveling alone, am not very confident nak backpack.
i decided to plan everything and make sure spend my time to the fullest,
so i wont feel very lonely.

stay tune for my activities in KK.
alah. cakap cam ade loyal readers eheh


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