Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five years and a half, we finally make it!

Salam semua.

Im so happy today!!! just finished my last paper. Application in Mathematics. it was so tough :(
but i dont care!

eventho the exam is finally over. i still got alot to do. the dinner is tomorrow!!!
am hoping all the hard work is gonna pay off!
im lack of sleep, energy and im hungry, and i got alot to do.
all the girls are busy shopping for the dress and im busy calling the hotel manager.
checking the guest list, inform the vips about tomorrow's event, the list goes on.
while all of them busy dressing up tomorrow evening. im gonna be at the hotel 3 hours earlier
to make sure everything will be in a good condition.

of course, im jealous. i wanna have that extra time to make up too!
and fyi, i still din hv any dress for the dinner.
guess im gonna win the ugly duckling award tomorrow :(

ada sapa-sapa generous nak derma dress for me?


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