Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy deepavali

Happy diwali people :)

ikhwani woke me up today with her phone call . her high pitch voice made me jumped from my bed. seriously. " good morning ayyaaaaaa!" my god. haha
shes asking me whether im at home during raya haji or not because tok mek is going to aussie. and she dont want to go back to JB for a very short hol.
so she wants to spend raya with us. ikhwani is my second cousin, currently studying at usm medical school. so i said okay, datang laaa. :) xde lah i busan time raya nanti. yeay!

ceh, pagi2 bangun nak update tuh je -_-
taklah, i still owe vacation updates kan.
i know.

im working on it.

hehe ta!

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