Saturday, August 1, 2009

The proposal

Hang out with Bushra and Kak Na yesterday. went to sunway because of SKII members day promotion. thank god there were only us during that time so we can persuaded may (the salesgirl) to give us more free gifts. :D

we went to the another stores,i bought a new handbag and then lunch at pizza hut.
next, entered to every kids shop for ben10 watch hunting. danish ( kak na's youngest boy )
begging her to get a ben10 watch. he wanted it so much, he even made one from the paper, staple it, just like a real watch. drew the cartoon on it. color it green and wearing it all day long, alaa siannye ;(

then, Kak Na need to rush back, we continued our activities and went for a movie,
The Proposal, the movie was so sweet. u gotta watch it. the actor completely like hezri, innocent and sweet :P

after that booya and i heading to Juru auto city for dinner.
at first we decided to go to Ice ice baby and get some waffles but the place looked
quite full. theres a long queue outside sushi king, and i dun feel like havin subway.
so we just lined up and try our luck.
luckily, theres a spot for two. yeayy.
arrived home at 1130 and sleep right away.

something bad happened at school. i dun want talk about it.
plus that boy wasnt even in my class. n i will only see his face for an hour
on tuesday's english lesson.
thank god.


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