Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Jazz

im enjoying the smooth jazz music now, it makes me feel more alive.

seriously. just try okay ;)
i twittering with iziyanti the other day. she advice me to take daily dairy product.
but i dun feel like taking one, afraid it will increase my body fat percentage.
but she assured me that i dun hve to be afraid if i choose the right product.
low fat or skim milk. anlene and nesvita omega3 is the best choices now.
the best i could do so far is just taking strawberry yogurt, thats all.

im taking her advice seriously since i realized that women need more calcium than men.
esp when ur pregnant. im not going to reveal all the details here. go and google :)

gtg. i'll continue later at night.
tomorrow is friday! yiipppiii


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