Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caught in the middle

i am cursing the mas website now.

ayyahenrietta and the boyfriend, spent the whole evening at starbucks today
with cinnamon rolls, iced latte plus caramel, mocha frap and java chip frap.
gile. huhu

i brought my work along but cant stayed for a long time focusing on them since
felt so tired and sleepy, ended up slept on hezri's shoulder. i tried to keep myself awake by surfing the internet but he wont let me.
keep on pushing me to finish up the works before playing around.
but ur highness, i cant obey u. hehe

we gonna celebrate hezri's belated birthday at 930pm today
but i cant decide where to go, either roadhouse grill or eclectic lounge.
okay people.


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