Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Guitar

Listening to teardrops on my guitar.

i'll bet shes beautiful
that girl he talks about
and shes got everything
that i have to live without

i just knew that my college had been closed for a week because of H1N1 cases.
glad that im not there now. so i can continue my prac as usual. cant wait to finish it,
3 weeks left. yeayy. i cant stand the pressure. 'i love my job' wont be singing anymore.

time flies really quick, duncha think?
its end of july now.
cant wait to meet hezri again next year.
my housemates really adore us. i came back from school and switch on
the lappy right away. because i knw, hezri is waiting to ym with me.
and we'll be chatting frm 2pm until 10pm non stop.
just stop for prayers, cooking time and taking bath.
we did alot of things together, doodles, reading news online,
watching gossip girls, and such.

i din think this is unsual situation, because we've been like this
for almost two years :)
and still cant get enough.

bye people :)

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