Thursday, July 23, 2009

The morning show.

MOrning people.

too early to blog? :)
im at school now, surfing for educational thingy but spare some time to update my blog.
i choose to teach year 4 n 5 students as i thot it would be easier.
but i was wrong. teaching smart students was okay but the students with low achievement and
still dont know how to solve addition problems, eventho they already 10 years old was
the biggest challenge.
i found a very interesting activity, math karate, i hope that i can attract their attention. at least bring a lil improvement to the class.
enough talking about school, i hvnt decided yet
where to go during the fasting month,
still thinking about my promise with anum,
to go to Al- Marjan for ramadhan buffet. nyum nyum.
i rarely dine at arabian and lebanese restaurant,
hope its gonna be perfect. :D

bye people.
havva a good day!

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