Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roadhouse Grill, Penang

Halo people.
my very first entry for the new blog.
hope ur gonna like it.

I decided to go to Roadhouse Grill in Gurney for the birthday celebration, i had 2 places to choose for the dinner and the other one is Eclectic. However my boyfriend (the birthday boy hehe) chose Roadhouse Grill to go for. He always has a good taste for food:-) thats why i like him.

These are the pictures of the mouth-watering food. Enjoy!

complimentary peanuts
Hot steamy buns, yum2 :-)

Fresh Roadhouse salads

Roadhouse Ribs with mashed potato
RM 40.90

Mixed Grill ( egg, lamb, beef and chicken) with sweet potato
RM 35.90

orange and guava juice
RM 7.90 each

this is my new fav restaurant.

the service was great

the food seriously yummy.

big portion, reasonable price.

strongly recommended

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