Sunday, July 19, 2009

The long weekend

last night booya and i went out for dinner at juru autocity. the A plan was to dine at sakae teppanyaki but later on we decided to hit sushi king since i read some blogs review about the places. urmph, some bad reviews actually.

after a very long queue, we finally managed to get a seat right and i looked around, we were the only malay customers. happy with the fast service eventho they were packed with people.
after that, we r heading to jusco to find a japanesse table. cant stand the pain on my back anymore.

but we dun find any and it was quite late, we decided to watch harry potter, but the show was on 1155pm. no, i dun want to go home late. bought some groceries and straight heading home.
such a boring and long weekend without hezri here.


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