Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The BoOk Store

i went to tesco seberang prai last night to buy some groceries.

theres a book store in there, LARGE and new bookstore, :) i always heart new bookstore because they organize things well.
i mean, i can find alot of books in there, new or old books, it was so complete.
i could spend many mannyyy hourss in there.
i even drag hezri many times during our dates, to teman me explore the bookstore.

i found myself 3 good books but i dont know which one to buy first.
there is no point buying all those 3 books but u cant find urself times to read them, right?
im still thinking which one to get first, hmmm.
loaded with heavy works, i prefer to go straight to bed at 10pm, so i can wake up freshly
the next morning.

but as i said before, heavy works wont let me to go sleep at 10.
NO way :(

ps: i hvnt read men from mars, and women from venus
what a shame

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