Monday, August 3, 2009

The Happiness

some people said that they wud do anything just to be happy
tired of feeling lonely and sad.
tired of crying in the rain, sleep alone at night.

some of us also din care about happiness,
they dun wan 2 hve babies, to make sure their body shape din change.
they dun wan to get married, afraid the pressure or commitment
will adding up their wrinkles.
they dun wan any partners, afraid that they'll look old
they dun wan to be in love, afraid it will increase their weight
they dun wan to be loved,scared of the gray hair

alot of people wud go to the end of world just to find her soulmates
but dun be surprise,
alot of people also will go anywhere to avoid happiness
now i understand why beautiful women and
charming guys, didnt get married
i understand why my pretty friends still din hv
any boyfriend, din care about love
i understand why my gorgeous friends stay single
if it is true,
it this is the real thing, better than those expensive cosmestics.
wud u give it a try?

well, i wudnt.
know why?
i prefer to wake up everymorning and thinking about the one that i love
i prefer to go home and someone is waiting for me
i prefer to have someone to hold
i prefer to hve someone beside me during the joy and the pain
i prefer to share mylife with my other half
i prefer to explore the world with my partner
i prefer to learn more about my other half and be a better person
i prefer to grow old and still looking beautiful in my partner eyes

and the list goes on..

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