Friday, August 21, 2009

The Lemon

The Lemon~

i was dining at sushi king egate when this smell strucked me.
a ch*nese couple sitting next to me ordered a plate of salmon skin and when they squeezed
the lemon, those smell reminding me of someone.
hezri and i love to hve iced lemon tea whenever we went out. it was light and easy.
plus its the cheapest drink u can get, besides the soft drinks.
everytime i smell the lemon or hve the lemonade i'll think of him.

we were in fight this afternoon, but hezri obviously knew how to make me laugh again.
sometimes his lil action makes me laugh so hard
im not going to compliment my own BF
but he was the perfect guy i ever met so far.
maybe not perfect for u, but for me :)
i closed my heart for love until i met him
he dun take less than he deserve
he knows when to walk away
thats i adore him so much
hes a honorable man :)
saying good things about ur own bf, makes people vomitting on the spot,
but if it is true
why not?

happy fasting people ;)

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